TENS application for foot pain

Woman sits on the bed and holds her foot because of foot pain, which can be treated with a TENS device.

The foot is one of the parts of the body that we use the most every day and also in many different ways. Therefore, the foot consists of a multitude of muscles, bones, joints and ligaments . Unfortunately, with such a complex part of the body, injuries, inflammation and other ailments can quickly develop, which lead to pain in the foot .

The term foot pain is very broad. Plantar fasciitis or metatarsal fracture occurs in the main area of ​​the foot, and hallux valgus occurs in the toes. As different as these types of injuries or illnesses are, the entire foot usually hurts and walking becomes torture. The causes of the symptoms can be twisting of the ankle, inflammation or a malposition.

Finding the cause of the symptoms and determining the first treatment steps is part of orthopedics. He tries to treat and eliminate the cause of the symptoms. Medicines and painkillers are often given to relieve the pain, but they also have side effects. An alternative is pain relief with a TENS device.

A TENS device uses electrodes to transmit electrical impulses to the skin and the painful area in the foot, which has two effects. On the one hand, the electrical impulses can block the transmission of pain to the brain , which means that the pain in the foot area may no longer be felt. On the other hand, the TENS application can support the natural pain control mechanism of our body so that its own painkilling substances, the so-called endorphins [1], are released and pain relief in the foot occurs. TENS also promotes blood circulation[2] in the treated area.

TENS electrode placement for foot pain

For effective use of a TENS device for foot pain, we recommend using suitable electrodes. The electrode set for fingers and wrist also adheres very well to the toes, so foot pain can also be treated effectively with it. For example, the electrodes can be placed under the toes or on the heel. If you have pain in your heel or on the sole of your foot, you can also use the 5 x 5 cm electrode and the 10 x 5 cm electrodes. Attach the electrodes as shown in the picture to effectively treat your pain.

Buy the appropriate electrode now
  • This guide is for orientation purposes and does not replace the supervision of a doctor or therapist. Please follow the warnings and safety instructions of your device. Changes and errors are possible.

  • Number inside the circle: Channel number

    Circle color: Red = Electrode 1, Black = Electrode 2

Please note when using TENS:

The intensity should be adjusted so that it is felt as a pleasant tingling sensation. The duration of the application should be approx. 40 minutes in order to be able to achieve a lasting reduction in pain. It also makes sense to switch programs every now and then.

Where does foot pain come from?

  • From everywhere

    You can use TENS therapy anywhere. It doesn't matter whether you're sitting comfortably on the sofa or in the office.

  • Drug free

    TENS pain therapy is an alternative to drug pain treatment

  • At any time

    You can use TENS flexibly and at any time. Success can already be achieved after the first treatment

  • Free of side effects

    When used correctly, pain treatment with TENS has practically no side effects

Studies and scientific sources

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