TENS devices comparison

Here you will find a direct comparison of the current axion TENS devices .

Model STIM PRO X9+ STIM-PRO Comfort
axion TENS EMS device Stim-Pro X9 axion TENS device Stim-Pro Comfort
channels 4 2

Simultaneously usable electrodes

8th 4
programs 45 9
Individual adjustable programs 8th 0
frequency 0.5 - 150Hz 1 - 150Hz
pulse width 30 - 400 µs 60 - 260 µs
intensity per channel 0 - 100mA 0 - 80mA
intensity levels 100 8th
EMS function x

Pelvic floor-


massage function x



battery 4x 1.5V AA 1 x 9V

battery level


power supply operation x
connection cable 4 2
Pads included 8th 4
Certified medical product
To the product To the product

parameters and programs

Our TENS devices offer a high degree of customization to your needs. On our program overview page in the category "TENS guide" you will find a list of the preset programs of the TENS devices and the purpose for which they are suitable. With TENS devices you can relieve a variety of pain types[1].

What does an EMS function bring?

You can prevent some types of pain by building muscle mass, for which an EMS device is suitable for use at home. Some devices such as our TENS EMS combination device STIM-PRO X9 have a large number of pre-set EMS programs to train the muscles in many areas of the body quickly and specifically. In addition to preventing pain, EMS offers you a comfortable and flexible way of exercising.

What does a massage function bring you?

Stimulation current is also ideal for massaging different parts of the body. If you want to reward yourself after an intense workout or a stressful day, you can save yourself the trip to a massage practice and use a TENS EMS device instead. Our STIM-PRO X9 has 2 muscle relaxation programs and 2 massage programs.

What does a pelvic floor training function do?

Pelvic floor training is an important topic for both women and men. Strong pelvic floor muscles hold our organs together, provide support for our entire musculoskeletal system and form the basis for preventing the number one taboo subject: incontinence. For men, training the pelvic floor muscles can even offer the opportunity to strengthen potency or to remedy potency problems.

What role does the number of channels play?

Our devices have either 4 or 2 channels. You can use 2 electrodes per channel at the same time. With a 4-channel stimulation current device, you can use up to 8 electrodes at the same time, which enables you to treat pain over a large area and more precisely.

What additional benefits do you get with an axion device?

All our devices come in a practical carrying case to make transport easier for you. In addition, each device has a belt clip, so you can use the device anywhere to flexibly relieve your pain or build muscle. If you have any questions, you are welcome to use our contact form.

  • From everywhere

    You can use TENS therapy anywhere. It doesn't matter whether you're sitting comfortably on the sofa or in the office

  • Drug free

    TENS pain therapy is an alternative to drug pain treatment

  • At any time

    TENS pain therapy is an alternative to drug pain treatment

  • Free of side effects

    When used correctly, pain treatment with TENS has practically no side effects

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Studies and scientific sources

[1] Bachmann, J. & Pothmann, R. (2010). TENS. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation in pain therapy (4th ed.). Karl F. Haug Verlag.