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Soothing warmth for several hours of well-being

Heat pillows with a moor filling have excellent heat dissipation properties. Natural moor has the ability to store heat for a very long period of time and only release it again slowly. This means that moor pillows are much better suited as heat pillows than cherry pit pillows or grain pillows made from other materials, such as spelled grains. Moor heat pillows are available in different forms, such as neck pillows , back pillows or round moor pillows .

Pillows with a moor filling can keep their warmth for up to several hours and thus enable you to have a long-lasting wellness. Since moor is a natural product, the moor cushion can become hard after about 2 years, depending on use and storage, and should be replaced.

The heat can be used to warm the neck, shoulder, back, lumbar spine and many other parts of the body. On cold days, it is ideal for use on the couch or in bed. But the heat cushions are also ideal for use in the office.

If you have any further questions regarding the moor cushions, you are welcome to contact our trained specialist consultants at the e-mail address or by calling +49 7152 - 353 911 - 0 .

This is how you bring the moor pillow to the desired temperature

A moor pillow is mainly used for heat application, since the moor can store heat well and release it again slowly and evenly. There are several ways to warm up. However, moor pillows can also be used for cold applications.

  • In the microwave

    Heat the moor pillow in the microwave at 600 watts for a maximum of 3 minutes

  • In warm water

    Place the moor pillow in warm, non-boiling water (approx. 80 degrees Celcius) for 5-10 minutes

  • In the refrigerator

    For cold application, place the pillow in the refrigerator for several hours. Do not put in the freezer!

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  • Please note:

    The heating of the moor cushion can vary depending on the device used. After heating, we recommend that you carefully test with the back of your hand whether the moor pillow is at the desired temperature in order to avoid burns.

    We recommend using a protective cover! The moor pillows are NOT intended for internal use.

    Moor products are natural products, which can differ slightly in color from the photo.

Why moor as a filling for heat packs?

Pillows that store and release heat have been used for a very long time. Cherry pit pillows, for example, are popular as self-sewn gifts. The filling of grain pillows often consists of cherry stones, linseed, spelled grain or other types of grain. The grains store heat for a certain period of time and then release it to the applied area. You can achieve a similar principle with a hot-water bottle , which you can also buy from axion with covers in various patterns.

The natural moor used in our heat pillows has a significantly better heat storage capacity than, for example, the cherry pit pillows. This allows you to significantly increase the duration of use in comparison. Due to the moist and compact mass of the moor pillow, the stored heat is released more evenly , which makes the application more beneficial and effective. Cold applications are also possible with the pillow.

What is the difference between moor and fango when it comes to heat packs?

When it comes to heat application , you have probably heard the terms natural moor and fango before. Many do not know the differences and use it as a synonym. However, what they have in common is a mud-like consistency and that they are used for heat applications , for example on the back. In contrast to hot-water bottles, the filling for moor pillows is not water, but moor. Heat packs filled with fango are also known.

Fango is extracted from volcanic rock and traditionally comes from Italy. The volcanic rock is then processed into a mud-like mass together with thermal water and other additives and is then found in fango cushions or fango packs. Fango is characterized by a variety of minerals and trace elements, such as clay, silicic acid, potassium, etc.

Natural moor comes from moor wetlands and is formed from peat. The mining areas often differ, so the moor does not exclusively come from Germany. Natural moor is characterized by its good heat storage capacity and contains many humic acids and other minerals, which are said to have positive properties for the body. In the case of moor packs, these healing moors are passed on through direct contact and the effect on the skin. However, they can provide relaxation and long-lasting warmth, for example on the back.

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