Collection: Massagegeräte

The right massager for your needs

Our range of massage devices covers most needs. From the handy massage gun, which is particularly popular with athletes, to various devices with a Shiatsu massage feeling. There's nothing better than the feeling of getting a massage after a hard day. But sometimes it is difficult to find an appointment. With our Kraftwerk massage devices you can treat yourself to a massage whenever you need one!

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Massage guns

This is how a massage gun works

The principle on which the massage gun works is called percussion massage . With the help of a massage device, high-frequency pressure shocks are applied to the tissue, which causes the muscle tissue to vibrate and also reaches the deep tissue of the muscles. This allows the muscles to be relaxed and the fascia to be stretched. This ensures relaxation and well-being , whether after sport, after getting up or after a stressful day - for the entire body. With the massage gun you can reach most places yourself thanks to the non-slip handle.

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Shiatsu massagers

This is how Shiatsu massagers work

You will have probably heard the term Shiatsu before. The term comes from Asia and means finger pressure .

The spherical massage heads feel similar to your fingertips during massage. The rotation makes the application feel like a circular hand massage .

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Head massagers

This is how head massagers work

Today's fast-paced lifestyle and constant stress often take a toll on our bodies, especially our sensitive head and scalp. In the midst of this hectic everyday life, many people are looking for effective methods to find relaxation. The scalp is the ideal place to initiate a phase of relaxation with a massage. The flexible, rubberized massage tips can also gently massage the skin all over the body.

Neck massagers

This is how neck massagers work

Since most people do a predominantly sedentary job, the neck and back muscles are put under a lot of strain and stressed. That's why a massage in these regions is particularly pleasant. Whether Shiatsu or kneading massage, the neck massagers are ideal for a bit of wellness at home.