EMS training of the shoulder muscles

Woman does the fitness exercise lateral raises to train the shoulders, which is also possible with an EMS device

With the shoulder muscles we move the shoulder girdle and the shoulder joint. The shoulder joint is very prone to injury and should be protected by the shoulder muscles. In order to give the shoulder area more stability, it is important to strengthen the shoulder muscles. It supports the joint by pushing the head of the humerus into the socket.

With electrical muscle stimulation, you can specifically train the shoulder muscles. Building muscle in the shoulder also prevents neck pain. A predominantly sedentary activity quickly results in an unhealthy shoulder posture, which can have a negative effect on the upper cervical spine. With the right EMS device, you can build up your muscles in a targeted manner!

How to place the EMS electrodes for front shoulder training

For shoulder training with EMS, we recommend the 5 x 5 cm electrodes, which are suitable for both the front and back shoulders and which you can also use for almost all TENS and EMS applications.

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How to place the EMS electrodes for rear shoulder training

As with the front shoulder, the square 5x5 cm electrodes are ideal for training the back shoulder

To the right electrode
  • Power

    We recommend program P17 for beginners and P19 for advanced users with the STIM-PRO X9

  • Muscle mass

    We recommend program P21 for beginners and P23 for advanced users with the STIM-PRO X9

  • Endurance

    We recommend program P25 for beginners and P27 for advanced users with the STIM-PRO X9

Please note when using EMS:

The intensity should be set so that the intended muscle contracts significantly without causing you to feel pain.

Before training, you should warm up your muscles to prepare them for the upcoming exertion. Our EMS TENS combination device STIM-PRO X9 has pre-installed warm-up programs that start automatically before the actual training programs. So you can carry out your training completely relaxed.

  • 1. Place EMS electrodes

    Place the electrodes on the muscle as described on this page

    2. Select program on the EMS device

    Choose one of the recommended programs on the STIM-PRO X9 or introduce yourself. through the freely selectable parameters, your own training program together

  • 3. Lateral raises with an EMS device

    • Stand upright with a slight lunge
    • Take both water bottles in your hands and hold your hands by your thighs and inhale
    • With your elbows slightly bent, raise your arms to shoulder height while exhaling
    • Then bring your arms back to the starting position and breathe in
    • Repeat this exercise several times

Video tutorial for EMS training of the shoulder muscles

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  • Train anywhere

    You can do EMS training anywhere, even at home. However, it can also be used on the go without any problems.

  • Gentle on the joints

    Due to the electrical impulses, you can largely do without additional weights, which is easy on your joints.

  • Time efficient training

    Due to the higher intensity, the training duration can be reduced compared to conventional training

  • Health oriented

    Regardless of whether you are a sports enthusiast or a beginner, everyone can benefit from EMS training right from the start

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