TENS application for a torn ligament

Man holding his knee in pain while running or jogging. It could be a torn ligament, which can be treated with a TENS device.

Ligaments are an essential part of the human musculoskeletal system . They have the function of supporting the correct execution of movement , preventing overstretching of joints and protecting the capsules. One wrong movement is usually enough and the ligaments are affected. It can be a ligament strain, a partial tear or even a ligament tear. Typical symptoms are swelling, weakness and severe pain.

If you injure your ligaments, such as twisting your ankle while jogging, you should first follow the LUCKY rule (pause, ice, compression, elevation). If the symptoms persist after some time, you should consult a doctor who can give you an accurate diagnosis. Some ligament tears can be treated conservatively, but some require surgery. A TENS device for pain relief can help you with conservative treatment .

A TENS device transmits electrical impulses to the skin via electrodes, which has two effects. For one thing, the impulses can block the pain pathways that are sent from the affected ligaments to the brain, which can make the pain go unnoticed. On the other hand, the TENS application can support the natural pain control mechanism of our body so that its own painkilling substances, the so-called endorphins [1], are released . Treatment with TENS can also promote blood circulation [2].

TENS electrode placement for a torn ligament

Since a torn ligament can occur in different parts of the body, there are electrode placements for each specific application. In general, we recommend our special electrode, which was specially developed for TENS treatment of the joints. Here is an example of the correct placement on the knee.

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Alternative electrode placement for a ruptured ligament

To relieve your ankle pain, you can apply the pain point electrode patch as shown in the picture. For this application you need a TENS device with at least two channels.

To the right electrode
  • This guide is for orientation purposes and does not replace the supervision of a doctor or therapist. Please follow the warnings and safety instructions of your device. Changes and errors are possible.

  • Number inside the circle: Channel number

    Circle color: Red = Electrode 1, Black = Electrode 2

Please note when using TENS:

The intensity should be adjusted so that it is felt as a pleasant tingling sensation. The duration of the application should be approx. 40 minutes in order to be able to achieve a lasting reduction in pain. It also makes sense to switch programs every now and then.

Muscle preservation with EMS in the event of a ligament tear

The ligaments are located near the joints to ensure their mobility. A torn ligament limits the mobility of the affected area, which means that the surrounding muscles are also less stressed and muscle mass is reduced. After a phase of predominantly immobilization, rehabilitation begins after some time. Electro-myo-stimulation (EMS) is often suggested as a way of doing strength training during this phase. So how can EMS contribute to joint-gentle training?

An EMS device transmits electrical impulses to the skin, which trigger muscle twitching. Several impulses in a row cause the muscle to contract completely. Since only low and medium frequencies are used, it is safe to use if used correctly. In classical training, muscle contraction is triggered by working against a resistance such as weights. Because of the stimulation current, EMS does not require additional weights, which is why the joints can be protected with this form of training. It can therefore be particularly useful for people with joint pain or diseases such as arthrosis or rheumatism to train using EMS. Our EMS device STIM-PRO X9 offers a variety of pre-installed programs and can be set manually so that you can adapt the training to your needs.

  • From everywhere

    You can use TENS therapy anywhere. It doesn't matter whether you're sitting comfortably on the sofa or in the office.

  • Drug free

    TENS pain therapy is an alternative to drug pain treatment

  • At any time

    You can use TENS flexibly and at any time. Success can already be achieved after the first treatment

  • Free of side effects

    When used correctly, pain treatment with TENS has practically no side effects

Studies and scientific sources

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