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Environment and disposal of waste

Symbol Elektrogeräte

Electronic devices contain valuable resources and must therefore not be disposed with other residual waste. The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive) regulates the European Law since February 2003. Since 2005, there is a symbol on each affected device, with a crossed out wheelie bin with a single black line beneath the symbol.

Disposed electronic devices have to be gathered and transported so that no dangerous substances can be released. Certified waste disposal companies can take care of these substances and the recycle the valuable parts of the device.

Therefore, a regulated disposal of the electronic devices protects the Environment.

Before returning, pay attention to these points:

  • Before returning your device, remove the batteries and dispose them separately.
  • Only return whole devices, there is no law on accepting individual parts of a device.
  • You can recycle your device by dropping it off at a local recycling facility or recycling points.
  • You can send disposed devices from axion back to us for a free disposal. Please put a note by, where it explicitly says that you want us to dispose the device.


Notes regarding the Batteries Act (BattG)


The German Batteries Act (“Batteriengesetz”) regulates the putting into circulation, the returns and the environmental-friendly disposal of batteries. This includes all types of batteries, regardless of size, shape, mass, material or use of the batteries. It also includes batteries integrated in other products or batteries which are enclosed to certain products.

The disposal of the batteries with the residual waste is strictly forbidden. The affected batteries are marked with a crossed out bin. The signs beneath the bin mean:

  • Pb: Battery contains lead
  • Cd: Battery contains cadmium
  • Hg: Battery contains mercury

The customer is responsible for the correct disposal of the empty batteries at recycling points or special gathering places for batteries. It is possible to send the batteries back to the merchant, after properly franking them, for a free disposal.

Notes regarding the packaging regulations

The aim of the packaging regulation is to decrease the impact of waste from product packaging on the environment. It is not allowed to dispose the packaging in the residual waste. They can be recycled. Sellers are bound by law to take back the packaging, customers have the choice of sending them back to the merchant or dispose them at a local collection point.