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What is a Shiatsu massager?

Tense muscles are now more the rule than the exception, especially in the neck area. Around 30-50% of adults suffer from neck pain every year [1] . Wouldn't it be nice to have your neck, shoulders or back massaged at the touch of a button in the evening without having to leave the house? Massages help to relax after a hard day and contribute to general well-being.

With a Shiatsu neck massage device, this is no longer a problem. The massager is in the form of a belt, which allows you to easily wrap the device around your neck or even your back , with a stylish faux leather cover on the outside and a breathable mesh side for massaging your skin or back body lies. Especially the massage of the neck , the rear shoulder and the back is complicated due to the hard-to-reach areas and can be done without additional help either with a massage pistol or with a Shiatsu massage device . Thanks to the integrated hand straps, the shoulder massager can be easily fixed at the desired point and the pressure of the massage heads can be regulated.

Inside the belt there are 2 massage attachments, which in turn contain several differently arranged, spherical massage heads . These are rotated bi-directionally by two electric motors, resulting in a relaxing massage. In addition, the neck massager can emit heat through red light, which makes the application even more comfortable.

The massage device is a very good gift for loved ones - whether it's Easter, Christmas or a birthday. Give away relaxing hours at home without having to forego the look. Thanks to the wireless application, you can also relax while traveling - whether on the train, bus or car.

If you have any questions about how the neck massager works or how to use it, you can also contact us personally at or by calling +49 7152 - 353 911 - 0 , our trained specialist consultants will be happy to help you!

With heat function

The controls of the power station massager

Our neck massager allows you to tailor the massage to your needs to make it as comfortable as possible. Top down:

On/off switch

Change of direction (right/left)

Speed (3 levels)

Heat function (On/Off)

Not just for the neck

Massage your legs with the Shiatsu massager

At first glance, it seems that you can only use the massager to massage your neck or shoulders.

Thanks to the practical arm straps, you can also massage other parts of the body, for example by placing your legs on the area with the massage heads and tightening the arm straps so that the massage heads exert pressure on the tissue.

The massage of the thighs, whether the front or the back, is possible without any problems with the power plant Shiatsu massage device and helps you to relax and relax your muscles.

Loosening the hand and fingers

Hands relax with the massager

Our hands reach for something several hundred times a day and are constantly in motion. They are also put under a lot of strain by constantly typing on the keyboard when working in the office. That's why you should treat your hands to a soothing massage at regular intervals.

You can also do this with the power station massage device by placing the massager comfortably on your lap and placing your palms on the two massage heads. The pressure you exert on the device with your palms determines the intensity of the massage.

Beneficial for the sole of the foot

Soothing foot massage with the Shiatsu massage device

We walk thousands of steps throughout the day. No wonder that our feet and the soles of our feet are strained and cramps and tension occur.

When you place the massager on the floor or couch with the faux leather exterior facing down, you can easily place the soles of your feet on the massage heads and let them massage through. The pressure you exert with your feet determines the strength of the massage.

How do I use a Shiatsu massager?

The use of Shiatsu massage devices is usually very simple. Take the massager and place it around the desired area of ​​your body to be massaged. The massage heads should rest on the tense area. The intensity can be regulated as desired with the forearms through the hand straps.

Relax the muscles to be massaged and turn on the device. With a push of a button you can switch the heating function on or off. Especially on cold days or long summer evenings outdoors, the infrared heat of the Shiatsu massage device provides extra well-being. By pressing another button, the direction of rotation of the massage heads can be changed, i.e. either towards the center of the body or away from the center of the body. This brings variety to the massage and the muscles are properly kneaded.

What is a Shiatsu massage?

You will certainly have heard the term Shiatsu as a massage technique before. The term comes from Asia and means finger pressure . In a conventional Shiatsu massage, pressure is applied to the tissue and muscles with the fingers or body weight, which is intended to loosen the muscles and relieve tension .

This Shiatsu massage device also works according to this principle. The spherical massage heads are similar to fingertips and are transferred to the neck area or other parts of the body via the pressure of the hand straps. Due to the rotating massage heads, the application feels like a circular hand massage . The same massage function can be found in some massage cushions, but the shape of the neck massage device is much better suited for flexible use in the neck, shoulder, back or leg area. In this way, the fascia can be stretched, the muscles kneaded and a state of deep relaxation achieved.

Instructions for using the neck massager

Since the massage heads can exert significant (desired) pressure on the body parts, there are some circumstances in which you should check the application with a doctor beforehand. This includes if you:

  • have recently given birth
  • have a heart condition or a pacemaker
  • suffer from diabetes or other sensory impairments
  • have phlebitis and/or thrombosis
  • have joint malfunctions
  • have inflammation or injury
  • have a high fever
  • have an abnormal or curved spine
  • wear artificial joints or other medical devices in the body
  • being treated for an illness or physical injury

Studies and scientific sources

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