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What does a massage gun do?

A massage gun is suitable for targeted relaxation and massage of the whole body. The relaxation and massage of the muscles works wonders for hardening or tension that can occur after a stressful day or one-sided strain. Due to the low weight and the small dimensions, you can treat yourself to a large portion of relaxation anytime and anywhere. Normally, all body regions can be reached without the help of another person. The handle of the massage gun is non-slip, so you can massage your back at home without outside help.

Since the body parts differ in shape and texture, adjustments are also required when using the massage gun. Thanks to the different attachments of the massage gun, you can easily use it all over your body , whether it's your back , calves , shoulders , neck or the soles of your feet .

Relaxation and wellness at home

This is how a massage gun works

The principle on which the massage gun works is called percussion massage . With the help of a massage device, high-frequency pressure surges are applied to the tissue, which causes the muscle tissue to vibrate and should also reach the deep tissue of the muscles. This allows the muscles to relax and the fascia to be stretched. This ensures relaxation and well-being , whether after sport, after getting up or after a stressful day.

With the special bullet massage attachment, you can also carry out a powerful trigger point massage , since the pressure is concentrated through the narrow attachment and released to the tissue at specific points. This allows you to specifically massage tense or hardened areas down to the deep tissue.

Just a single button

Super easy to use

The massage gun has only a single button, which makes it extremely easy to use.

Above the button is the display of the selected speed levels.

Below is the battery indicator. Below this is the charging socket for the massage gun.

Latest charging standard

Charging the massage gun via USB-C

A big advantage of our massage gun is the simple and flexible loading option . There is no dedicated, specific port that only needs to be charged with the dedicated power supply.

The power station massage gun has a USB-C socket, which allows you to charge the massage gun almost anywhere with the included USB cable. Whether in the car , on a power bank or simply on the laptop .

Targeted massage at home

Soothing foot massage with the massage gun

The big advantage of a massage gun is that it has enough power to cause a relaxing relaxation even in larger muscle areas, but at the same time it is so handy that you can reach every part of the body yourself.

Such a hand massager thus offers you a wide range of possible applications. Whether it's a massage of the lower back, the shoulders, the soles of the feet, the rear thighs or the calves - you can do all of this comfortably at home.

The advantages of a massage gun

  • The benefit of a massage gun is that it relaxes the muscles and increases the range of motion of the muscle without negatively affecting muscle strength[1].

  • As soon as the training is finished, the regeneration starts and thus indirectly also the preparation for the next training session. Depending on the intensity of the workout, there is a risk of sore muscles over the next few days, which reduces performance and motivation. The use of massages and percussive vibration devices was able to significantly reduce muscle soreness compared to no other measure[2]. Thus, using the massage gun after training can have a positive effect on your regeneration.

  • Approximately 2 minutes per muscle group are sufficient to relax the muscles. In addition, the massage gun is very compact and can be taken anywhere.

  • Low weight and very quiet motor, so that a soothing wellness experience is also possible

You should keep this in mind when using a massage gun

Thanks to positive practical experiences, the use of a massage gun is enjoying increasing popularity, especially among athletes. People who have not yet dealt extensively with the use of a massage gun may wonder whether using a massage gun can also harm themselves.

In our guide you will find out whether a massage gun can also be dangerous and when its use is not recommended. For optimal use of the massage gun, you should note the following points:

  • You should only use the massage gun on soft tissue, not on bones, the stomach or the head area.
  • Always start with a low intensity first and approach it slowly, the application should not cause any pain.
  • The application should not last too long, because if it is used too intensively and for a long time, the muscles can also be damaged. We recommend that you do not use the massage gun for more than 1-2 minutes per muscle group.
  • The massage gun should not be aimed at a single spot for too long, a few seconds at most. It is advisable to massage the affected muscle region in slow movements

Studies and scientific sources

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