Collection: Electrode pads for TENS and EMS machines

What distinguishes high-quality TENS and EMS electrodes?

We at axion probably have the largest range of electrodes in Europe. We offer electrodes for almost all common manufacturers of stimulation current devices and also develop our own special electrodes, which are better suited for some applications than conventional square or rectangular electrode pads due to their shape and functionality.

Clean and strong adhesive surface

Strong adhesion

The electrodes that you use for the TENS or EMS application must adhere well to the skin. This ensures that an effective transmission of the electrical signals from your TENS or EMS device can take place

Multiple use

Long durability

TENS electrodes should be able to withstand multiple uses and not become damaged or worn out quickly. Good quality and careful care guarantee you a long service life and higher value. Despite careful care, however, they must be replaced at regular intervals.

For every application

Size and shape

The size as well as the shape of the electrodes can affect how effectively the stimulation current is delivered to the treatment area and how comfortable the application feels for the user. axion offers you a large selection of shapes and sizes that are suitable for different areas of the body.

High-quality materials


The electrodes must be made of materials that ensure optimal conductivity to allow maximum transmission of the electrical signal. Higher conductivity also means less power is required to achieve the same effect, ultimately resulting in longer battery life.

Good skin tolerance

Convenient application

The contact surface of the electrodes with the skin should feel comfortable for the user and not cause any unpleasant reactions or skin irritations. The shape of the electrodes should also match the application, which contributes to comfortable TENS or EMS treatment.