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Neck electrode 11x13 cm - compatible with axion, Prorelax, Promed, Auvon - 2mm plug connection

Neck electrode 11x13 cm - compatible with axion, Prorelax, Promed, Auvon - 2mm plug connection

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Compatible with the following devices

  • axion TENS & EMS Kombigerät STIM-PRO X9 (BESTSELLER)
  • axion TENS-Gerät STIM-PRO T-400
  • axion TENS-Gerät STIM-PRO Comfort
  • axion N-10
  • axion STIM-PRO T-100
  • axion STIM-PRO T-800
  • axion STIM-PRO X700
  • axion STIM-PRO X800
  • Auvon TENS Gerät 2 Kanal
  • Auvon TENS Gerät 4 Kanal

  • Body Clock 1st Choice Plus
  • Body Clock Flexi TENS
  • Body Clock Smart TENS
  • Body ClockLibra TENS
  • Body Clock Profile TENS
  • Body Clock Easy TENS Plus
  • CefarCompex mi-Theta 600
  • Cefar MYO XT
  • Cefar MYO X2
  • Cefar ACTIV XT
  • Cefar ACTIV X2
  • Cefar Activ XT
  • Cefar Activ X2
  • Compex SPORT 2
  • Compex SPORT 2 +TENS
  • Compex Fit 3.0
  • Compex FITNESS
  • Compex FITNESS +TENS
  • Compex FITNESS 2
  • Compex SPORT 3
  • Compex SPORT 400
  • Compex MEDI Compex
  • Compex TOP FITNESS
  • Compex DUOFIT
  • Compex ENERGY 1
  • Compex BODY
  • Dittmann TEN 240
  • Dittmann TEN 250
  • Dittmann ETG 255
  • Pierenkemper PierenPlus basic
  • Pierenkemper PierenPlus
  • Promed Tens 1000s
  • Promed EMT-4 Kombigerät (TENS/EMS)
  • Promed EMT-6 Kombigerät (TENS/EMS)
  • Promed T-6 Tensgerät
  • Prorelax TENS + EMS SuperDuo Plus
  • Prorelax TENS + EMS DuoComfort
  • Prorelax TENS + EMS Duo
  • Prorelax TENS + EMS Body Trainer Active
  • Saneo TENS
  • Saneo Vital
  • Saneo Sport
  • Sanowell Digi Pro 4000 Duo
  • Sanowell Life TENS
  • Sanowell Life EMS
  • schwa-medico TENSStem eco basic
  • schwa-medico TENS eco 2
  • schwa-medico EMP 2 PRO
  • schwa-medico EMP 4 ECO+
  • schwa-medico AmpliMove medical
  • Wellcare digi-stim

Your device/application is not yet listed? Contact our service team and ask whether the compatibility/application type is possible with these electrodes. You can reach us by phone at: +49 (0) 7152 - 353 911 - 0 or by e-mail to:

Scope of delivery

  • 1 neck electrode, 13x11 cm, with a 2mm plug connection.

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Note: Electrodes are hygiene items and are therefore non-returnable after the seal has been removed. For more information, see the on our returns page .

Your benefits with axion

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Product description

The design and construction of the axion neck electrode have been developed by us. It is designed to conform to the shape of the neck area and effectively deliver the electrical stimulation to the ideal location for relieving neck pain or performing electrotherapy massage.

Additionally, it is easy to apply by yourself and has enhanced adhesive properties due to its larger surface area, ensuring a secure attachment.

For a wide range of devices

2mm jack connection

The electrode pads with a plug-in connection fit all TENS and EMS devices from axion, as well as a number of other manufacturers such as Auvon, Promed, Prorelax and many more. You will find an overview above the scope of delivery and under the purchase buttons.

High adhesive strength

Reusable and self-adhesive

The electrodes are supplied on a carrier foil onto which you can stick the electrodes again after use to protect the adhesive surface from dirt. Electrodes can usually be reused up to 20 times depending on storage and handling.

Several layers

Electrode structure

  • a) Insulation layer
  • b) Special carbon film
  • c) Gel layer
  • d)PET carrier foil

Customer Reviews

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daniel B.

bonjour je n ais toujours pas reçu le colis que vous avez envoigné suis
dans l' atentte d une reponse de votre part

Brigitte H.
Nicht schlecht......

Für mich persönlich etwas zu klein, da komme ich besser zurecht mit 4 Einzelelektroden. Schnellster Versand, vielen Dank 🌟

Kinga J.

Es funktioniert mit Prorelax wunderbar

Ronald L.


uwe k.

Alles bestens! Danke