Tennisarm behandeln: Schonende Schmerztherapie mit TENS

Treat tennis elbow: Gentle pain therapy with TENS

What is tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow or tennis elbow (epicondylitis radial humerus) is an irritating condition of the elbow that is associated with severe pain. The stimulus occurs at the tendon attachments of the extensor muscles of the forearm, which begin above the elbow joint on the outer side of the upper ambone (humerus). Overstimulation of the tendon attachments leads to microtears, which can cause inflammation. This causes severe elbow pain for those affected. Tennis players are at increased risk of developing epicondylitis if they play at least 3 hours a week. However, it's not just tennis players who suffer from tennis elbow. Tennis elbow can occur through frequent overuse of the elbow muscles , including when practicing other sports or physical work.

Symptoms: How does tennis elbow manifest itself?

  • Pain when pressure is applied to the outside of the elbow
  • Stinging pain, especially during bending and twisting movements
  • Distribution of pain to the hand, forearm or upper arm
  • Lack of strength in the hand: shaking hands and grasping objects are more difficult than before
  • The affected tendon base may be swollen or red

Those affected by tennis elbow often experience severe pain that can extend from the elbow to the hand. The person often feels pressure pain at the tendon attachment (enthesis) on the outside of the humerus of the affected elbow. This pain can be caused or increased by straining the corresponding muscle. A loss of strength in the affected hand can also occur. This can mean that everyday movements such as holding a bottle, making a strong fist, grabbing forcefully or shaking hands are not possible.

Causes of tennis elbow

Before tennis elbow develops, those affected usually suffer from chronic tension in the shoulder and neck muscles. This pain must also be relieved in order to treat tennis elbow and achieve complete healing. The tendon over-tightens due to permanently increased tension in the muscle, the muscle tone. In the long term, this leads to irritation of the muscle, followed by inflammation. Tennis elbow is most often caused by one-sided movements or many repetitions of the same movement that cause overuse of the extensor muscles in the forearm. Tennis elbow is often caused by faulty technique in racket sports such as tennis. The cause is now more often found in working with heavy tools, strenuous homework such as painting walls or long periods of work at the computer, rather than in competitive sports.

Use TENS on tennis elbow

TENS therapy offers the possibility of treating tennis elbow if it is successful. Treatment with TENS has no contraindications (with a few exceptions, see below). During the course of therapy, the tissue around the affected muscles and nerves becomes better supplied with blood . TENS pain therapy takes 30 – 40 minutes a day to carry out. You can find information about electrode placement and use of TENS for tennis elbow here.

What does TENS mean?

TENS stands for “ transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation ” and is a successful pain relief procedure. The treatment works through the targeted use of electrical impulses through electrodes that stimulate the nerve pathways and muscles. This procedure hinders the transmission of pain to the brain. The pain can be relieved with TENS and pain-free movements can be made possible again.

How can TENS help?

The muscles and nerves are relaxed by the current pulses from the electrodes in the affected areas. The result: pain-free movement . By stimulating blood circulation, the affected area is also better supplied by the body. At the same time, the therapy can block the pain pathways in the body and thus block the pain. Movement is possible again without the pain. This allows you to use your arm again and thus improves the mobility and muscles of your arms.

When should TENS not be used?

Before using TENS, some factors should be considered where it should not be used.

These include:

  • Not in the abdominal area during pregnancy
  • People with pacemakers or active implants (defibrillators)
  • People with cardiac arrhythmias or heart muscle diseases
  • Basically not in the heart area or carotid artery area
  • With metallic implants
  • In case of inflammation or injuries to the mucous membrane
  • With psychological limitations

Are you unsure about some of the points or do you have questions about using TENS? We then recommend a discussion with your doctor or therapist before carrying out the procedure.

The benefits of TENS

Treating tennis elbow with TENS pain treatment offers many advantages:

  • TENS can be used flexibly both at home and on the go.
  • Your own TENS device will pay off in the long term.
  • Unlike common pain medications, TENS has almost no side effects.
  • Easy to purchase electrodes and accessories in our online shop.
  • Through pain-free freedom of movement, you can promote movement and thus actively promote the healing process.
  • Regeneration is promoted by stimulating blood circulation.

TENS therapy with axion products

Would you like to treat your tennis elbow? With our devices you have everything you need to treat acute or chronic pain with TENS. We offer you many preset TENS programs . In addition, it is possible to set individual programs specifically to relieve your pain and tension. Our devices are also suitable for over 40 different types of pain . The electrodes on your skin transmit electrical impulses that can work in two different ways. The high-frequency impulses interrupt the transmission of pain signals to the brain , meaning that the affected pain is not “felt”. Low-frequency TENS stimulates the body to release endorphins, which reduces pain. Both variants are possible with our devices. A TENS device from us can also be used for massage if you are stressed or tense. Through the pleasant application and the targeted use of electrical impulses on different parts of the body, endorphins are released . This will reduce your stress. Our TENS devices are medically certified and offer the highest level of safety through regular inspections. See for yourself the large selection and our high quality workmanship here at axion.

What should you pay attention to?

When using it, you should pay attention to a few aspects, even if TENS can be used without side effects.

  • Find out beforehand how to handle the electrodes. You can often seek help from your doctor or therapist.
  • The high-frequency current pulses (60 - 100 Hz) block pain transmission in the body, whereas the low-frequency current pulses (3 - 5 Hz) release the body's own pain inhibitors. The application of low-frequency current pulses lasts longer.
  • Electrodes must not be attached to inflamed or injured skin.
  • Therapy should never feel painful, but rather pleasant.
  • Treatment with TENS is often necessary several times a day.

Do you have any questions or do you need help with the use or selection of TENS? Then please contact us! Call us at +49 7152 - 353 911 - 0 or write us an email to


Treat tennis elbow: The pain can be successfully relieved with TENS . Unlike many conventional pain medications, TENS has no side effects. The electronic impulses relax the muscles, which stimulates blood circulation and blocks and relieves pain. TENS can be used flexibly anywhere, the advantages outweigh the advantages.

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