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Effective pain treatment: TENS in combination with thermotherapy

Release muscle tension with warmth and block pain stimuli with TENS

The combination of heat application with TENS pain therapy provides an enhanced effect of pain relief. Overstrain, one-sided movements, too little movement and incorrect posture often lead to hardened muscles in the lumbar spine, the shoulder-neck area and the cervical spine. In some cases it can also lead to lumbago or a slipped disc. Relax the muscles using a heat pad or the classic hot water bottle. The heat supplied promotes blood circulation and loosens the muscles. The metabolism works faster. TENS stimulation current therapy works in a similar way. It relaxes the musculature, loosens hardenings and causes an increase in blood circulation¹. To relieve your pain, TENS also blocks the transmission of pain. This is ensured by the current impulses that are conducted to the nerves via the electrodes. Pain-inhibiting messenger substances are increasingly released to strengthen the immune system. Use the heat treatment for loose muscles and the TENS therapy to block the pain stimuli, strengthen the pain-relieving effect. You can also use the combination of heat and TENS pain therapy for chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis.

TENS in combination with heat therapy

There is often pain in the neck area. The reason for this is poor posture and monotonous movements at work. How can you apply heat treatment and TENS therapy here?

ERelax the muscles with our moor pillow for the neck area. Warm the pillow in the microwave or a water bath and then place it on the hardened muscles. With a size of 20 x 50 cm, the pillow adapts very well and heats evenly. After applying the pleasant warmth, use a stimulation current device with the special neck electrode for TENS pain therapy. Our STIM PRO X9 offers you with the options P04, P10, P12 or P14 a variety of different programmes for neck complaints. TENS increases blood circulation, stimulates the metabolism and blocks pain signals. The duration of each application should be about 40 minutes.


Treat injuries with cold and inhibit pain signals with TENS

Do not treat inflammation such as rheumatic attacks and acute joint inflammation with heat. It will make the inflammation worse. Injuries such as haematomas, bruises, sprains and strains should be cooled immediately. To do this, use thermal cushions such as the mud cushion or cooling compresses. If you also use transcutaneous nerve stimulation to block the pain receptors, you can specifically improve and increase pain relief.

TENS in combination with cold therapy

While jogging, you may experience muscle strain in the thigh. The muscle overstretches and contracts quickly. If this happens, cool the affected area with a Cool Pack. In our shop you will find compresses in different sizes and instant cooling compresses, which do not need a freezer compartment for cooling. If you use the TENS application with the STIM PRO X9 and the electrodes 10x5cm or 12x7cm after the cold treatment, you can block the pain stimuli. You can choose between programmes P02, P12 or P14. You can plan 40 minutes for each application.


Mode of action of electrostimulation in conjunction with temperature stimuli

Use the combination of TENS pain therapy and thermotherapy for:

  • muscle relaxation
  • a lower pain sensation
  • an accelerated healing process
  • a strengthened immune system

In contrast to painkillers, there are no side effects when used correctly. To find out which programmes you can use to reduce your perception of pain through electrotherapy, see TENS applications.