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TENS for tennis arm, golfer's elbow or epicondylitis

What is the difference between a tennis elbow and a golfer's elbow? With tennis elbow, the pain occurs on the outside of the elbow. If the pain is on the inside of the elbow, it is a golfer's elbow. The pain manifests itself differently. Those affected complain of a stabbing pain in the elbow or pain radiating into the hand and fingers. The complaints can also occur during rest periods and at night during sleep.

All symptoms lead to a lack of strength in the arm and hand muscles! This limitation is very unpleasant and annoying in everyday life. This is also evident in sports. Little things can only be done in a painful way: for example carrying the shopping bag or taking off the telephone receiver.

The reason for this is usually recurring movements in everyday life, in sports or in the office over a longer period of time. These are mainly movements that put a lot of strain on the extensor and flexor muscles in the arm, possibly even overstraining them.

How can tennis elbow and golfer's elbow be prevented? In everyday life you should avoid movements with one-sided, constant strain. If this is not possible, relaxation exercises such as shaking out the arms and hands, moving the fingers, clenching the hands to the fist, spreading the fingers and circling the wrists can help. Rest periods during physically demanding activities as well as during sports should not be underestimated and should always be observed.

TENS - Electrode placement in case of tennis arm, golfer's elbow or epicondylitis



TENS device application


The programs P01, P03 and P10 are generally used here.

Find out more about the Application with the STIM-PRO X9

TENS Device STIM-PRO T-400

The programs  P01, P03 and P10 are generally used here.

Find out more about the Application with the STIM-PRO T-400


The program P07 is generally used here.

Find out more about the Application with the STIM-PRO COMFORT

If the current is perceived as a pleasant tingling sensation, it is set correctly. The duration of the application should be about 30 minutes in order to achieve a lasting reduction of pain. It is also useful to change the programs from time to time to increase the effect of the TENS treatment by the other stimulus for the body.

EMS additionally relaxes the muscles

After the TENS treatment, you can use the EMS programs P29 or P30 to loosen the muscles to release tension. Adjust the intensity so that you feel very slight muscle twitches. You can use the relaxation for 10 to 20 minutes.

Experience report: TENS treatment with a Tennis arm

Daniel W. (tennis arm)

"Because of my long-lasting pain in the left elbow, which have radiated to the left hand, I contacted Silvia Hahn and asked for help. The pain lasted for more than 4 months and despite the doctor's visit no improvement has occurred. Diagnosis by physician: overstretching; Treatment: Be careful and have patience. Silvia offered to look at the elbow and, if necessary, to carry out a TENS / EMS application. Even after a single TENS / EMS application, the pain has subsided! In the first 24 hours after application, I felt a tingling and pain in everyday movements only occurred sporadically. Through additional training tips, how I should carry out the fitness training, I can also work out again. Except for 2 to 3 exercises I can do my entire training program again. Thanks a lot for this!" "During the first few weeks, I was able to notice a significant improvement in muscle activation on the operated arm. I have worked with programs 11 and 23. The intensity was on all electrodes between 33 and 36. However, as a result of the daily work as a store man, the condition of the operated arm has deteriorated very much. By these occupational strains the muscle tone was reduced and the biceps lost his volume. The combination of TENS / EMS applications and conventional biceps curls in fitness training - in consultation with the doctor - has resulted in a steady force build-up. The physician then prescribes a resting phase until the muscle has recovered. After a resting phase I started working out again. The biceps has recovered and has increased in volume, strength and tonus over the entire treatment period. "

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