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TENS in case of lumbar spine pain

In the course of life, the intervertebral discs lose more and more fluid. They shrink permanently piece by piece and thus reduce the suspension between the vertebrae. The muscle tension decreases more and more and pain is the result.

Acute back pain in the lumbar spine usually has a harmless cause. It is caused by muscle tension due to poor posture, lack of exercise, one-sided strain, heavy carrying or lifting or stress. Muscle tension often turns into hardening of the muscles, which in turn leads to increased pain sensitivity. Pain-causing illnesses in this area are, for example, herniated discs, sciatica, rheumatic diseases, arthrosis and the dreaded lumbago with a painful forced posture and severe restriction of movement. A TENS application can provide a quick improvement, especially in all tension-related pain conditions. It promotes blood circulation and thus the oxygen and nutrient supply of the treatment environment. So a rapid pain reduction can occur. Even a prophylactic TENS application can prevent tension. In chronic pain, the electronic impulses of the TENS device prevent the pain stimuli from being transmitted via the nerves to the brain. By blocking the transmission of pain stimuli is usually a rapid pain relief. A further parameter setting promotes the release of endogenous hormones, the endorphins. These have a pain-relieving effect.

For a TENS treatment of the back, electrodes that adhere well and have a low resistance are important. Thus, the electrical stimuli can be evenly transmitted over the entire length of the back. This also addresses the back extensor muscle (Musculus erector spinae).

TENS - Electrode placement for pain in the lumbar spine

The muscles in the lumbar region often atrophy during office work. By means of electro-muscle stimulation, you help to strengthen these muscles and alleviate or prevent pain. For the lumbar spine we recommend the back electrode 20 x 12 cm or the electrodes 5 x 5 cm. Here you can see the correct electrode placement with the electrodes 5 x 5 cm for pain treatment with at least a two-channel TENS device.



How do you use the stimulation current therapy to relieve the pain after a lumbago?

Here you can see the correct electrode placement with the electrodes 5 x 5 cm and the electrodes 33 x 4 cm. In the video you will also find the correct operation of the stimulation current devices.

TENS device application


The programs P01, P04 or P15 are generally used here.

Find out more about the Application with the STIM-PRO X9

TENS Device STIM-PRO T-400

The program P07 is generally used here.

Find out more about the Application with the STIM-PRO T-400


The program P02 and P03 are generally used here.

Find out more about the Application with the STIM-PRO COMFORT

EMS additionally relaxes the muscles

Following the TENS treatment, you can use the programs P29 and P30 to loosen the neck muscles in order to release tension. Adjust the intensity so that you feel light muscle twitching. You can apply the loosening for 10 to 20 minutes.

With EMS, you can train the muscles in addition to pain therapy to strengthen the back and avoid future discomfort. Especially when you are doing many sitting activities, for example in office work, the back muscles are often not sufficiently trained. An EMS training system works as a preventive response to the emergence of complaints. With the EMS program P17 you can build your back muscles. Choose the intensity just below the pain threshold for the optimal effect. You should feel significant contractions. The application should not take more than 4 minutes. After practicing with the device you can increase it to 6 minutes. Afterwards, you can again use muscular dystrophy with P29 and P30 to avoid muscle soreness.

Sources and scientific studies

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