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TENS in case of lumbago complaints

Lumbago occurs when the sciatic nerve is pinched by vertebral bodies or cramped muscles. Stimulation current treatment helps to relax the muscles and relieve the pain.

TENS electrode placement in case of sciatic nerve problems and pain after lumbago

Attach the electrodes as shown in the figure to use the stimulation current therapy effectively. We recommend the electrodes against back pain 20 x 12 cm. For this application you need a TENS device with two channels.



TENS Combo Device STIM-PRO X9

The program P04 is generally used here.

Find out more about the application with the STIM-PRO X9

TENS Device STIM-PRO T-400

The program P04 is generally used here.

Find out more about the application with the STIM-PRO T-400


The program P06 is generally used here.

Find out more about the application with the STIM-PRO COMFORT

If the current is perceived as a pleasant tingling sensation, it is set correctly. The duration of the application should be about 30 minutes in order to achieve a lasting reduction of pain. It is also useful to change the programs from time to time to increase the effect of the TENS treatment by the other stimulus for the body.

EMS additionally relaxes the muscles

After the TENS treatment, you can use the EMS programs P29 or P30 to loosen the muscles to release tension. Adjust the intensity so that you feel slight muscle twitches. You can use the relaxation for 10 to 20 minutes.

With EMS you can train the muscles in addition to pain therapy to strengthen your back and prevent future complaints. Especially if you perform many activities while sitting, such as office work, your back muscles are often not sufficiently trained. EMS training with an EMS device prevents the development of complaints. With the EMS program P17 you can optimally build up your muscles. Choose an intensity just below the pain threshold for the optimum effect. You should feel significant contractions. Initially, the application should not last longer than 4 minutes, but with a little practice you can increase this to 6 minutes. Afterwards you can use P29 and P30 again to loosen up your muscles and avoid muscle ache.

Sources and scientific studies

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