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TENS to relieve lower arm pain

Forearm pain usually manifests itself as stabbing, pulling or tearing pain, which occurs due to strain and the execution of movement of the arm. There are several possible causes for the pain. For example, shortening and stiffening of the connective tissue, muscles, tendons and fascia can be responsible for this. The pain can also be caused by contusions, strains, sprains or torn muscle fibres. Chronic pain in the forearm often indicates signs of wear. With a TENS device it is possible to alleviate the pain. The electrical impulses of the device interrupt the transmission of pain via the nerves, resulting in pain relief.

TENS - Electrode placement to relieve lower arm pain

To relieve forearm pain, you need a TENS device with at least two channels. Place the electrodes as shown in the figure. We recommend the electrodes Ø 5cm.


How do you apply the TENS stimulation current therapy for forearm pain?

In this video you can see how to place the electrodes correctly and how to operate the stimulation current devices.

TENS device application


The programs P01 and P15 are generally used here.

Find out more about the Application with the STIM-PRO X9

TENS Device STIM-PRO T-400

The program  P01 is generally used here.

Find out more about the Application with the STIM-PRO T-400


The program P07 is generally used here.

Find out more about the Application with the STIM-PRO COMFORT

The amperage should be set so that it is perceived as a pleasant tingling sensation. The duration of the application should be approx. 40 minutes in order to achieve a lasting reduction in pain. It is also useful to change the programs from time to time to increase the effect of the TENS treatment by the other stimulus for the body.

EMS additionally relaxes the muscles

After the TENS treatment, you can use the EMS programs P29 or P30 to loosen the muscles to release tension. Adjust the intensity so that you feel slight muscle twitches. You can use the relaxation for 10 to 20 minutes

Do you still have questions regarding the correct electrodes placement?

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