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TENS for arthrosis pain

Arthrosis is a disease of the joints and effects a large part of the elderly population. Arthrosis is the wear and tear of cartilage in joints caused by overloading or misalignment of the joints. It often causes chronic and sometimes severe pain. It is almost impossible to cure the worn cartilage, but the pain can be combated effectively as far as possible. Against this background, TENS therapy is an effective and proven means to fight thepain. Although drug therapies are also available to relieve arthrosis, electrical nerve stimulation by stimulation current can be seen as equivalent to treatment with medication in many respects.

We inform you comprehensively about the pain-relieving effect of TENS in arthrosis.

TENS electrostimulation therapy for arthrosis pain

TENS therapy to relieve pain caused by arthrosis, rheumatism and arthritis is the subject of extensive research and numerous studies.

Note: Most studies deal with the treatment of pain caused by osteoarthritis of the knee. The results show that TENS therapy can increase both the well-being and mobility of the affected joint. Many physiotherapists, clinics and pain centres use TENS. And with success, as the experience of numerous arthrosis patients has shown.

Painful joints can be treated with TENS: back, hands, shoulder, knee and elbow:

With increasing age, many joints can be affected by a more or less advanced form of osteoarthritis. While the effectiveness of TENS therapy is particularly emphasized in knee osteoarthritis, the use of this therapeutic technique is also very useful in all other areas of the body.

Arthrosis in the back and spine

The back is oftentimes strained in everyday life - by carrying heavy loads, exercising certain sports or simply walking and sitting upright. Over time, cartilage and intervertebral discs gradually wear out, especially when back muscles are not well trained. If this is the case, two symptoms occur: loss of mobility and pain.

By using TENS nerve stimulation, you can treat back pain yourself. In addition to acute pain treatment, the application of stimulation current can also stimulate the release of endorphins, which act as the body's own painkillers. A TENS & EMS combination device also offers further advantages: With pleasantly tingling EMS massages, tensions can be released that arise when the body adopts a gentle posture due to the pain.


Arthrosis for the hand and fingers

The arthrosis of the hand can be a real handicap in everyday lifes: In addition to physical suffering, the stiffness and numbness of finger joints in particular pose a major problem when it comes to grasping and many everyday activities are made more difficult.

A TENS application on hand and finger joints can not only reduce pain, but also promote the mobility of the fingers and the hand as a whole.

With special TENS electrodes for fingers that can easily be wrapped around the fingers, nothing stands in the way of treating finger and wrist arthrosis.


Shoulder and elbow joints

Pain in the shoulder and elbow joints can also be caused by osteoarthritis. In general, pain occurs when the arm is in motion, which often affects everyday life: When dressing, carrying heavy loads, washing, etc. Damage to the cartilage can sometimes cause severe pain at night and disturb sleep.

TENS therapy is a widely used treatment - especially by physiotherapists - to treat pain caused by shoulder and elbow arthrosis. In addition to its analgesic effect, EMS training can also help to strengthen and mobilize the muscles of the arm.

Stimulation current can also be very effective in rheumatism and arthritis: While the causes of joint pain are different, the symptoms are very similar and can be treated in the same way.


1. Choosing the right electrostimulator: Which stimulation current device is optimal for arthrosis?

Stimulation current can be used in two different ways: as TENS therapy to treat pain and as EMS training to strengthen muscles. To relieve arthrosis pain, you first need a device with TENS functions. It can also be useful to choose a device that supports both TENS and EMS. The wear and tear of the joints often also affects sports practice: patients with osteoarthritis find an effective alternative to their traditional sports activities in the use of EMS. Some forms of osteoarthritis also require muscle strengthening to promote joint mobility in the back, hands, shoulders, elbows or knees.
axion offers the versatile TENS EMS combo device SITIM-PRO X9 with therapeutic, athletic, muscular and wellness goals. The STIM-PRO X9 has among many other functions 3 specific programs for the relief of arthrosis pain.

2. Choosing the right electrodes: Which electrodes can you use for arthrosis?

Knee osteoarthritis

Conventional square electrodes can be used at the knee. However, the comfort and efficiency of the treatment are significantly increased if the electrodes are specially adapted to the shape of the knee. The use of knee electrodes is therefore recommended.

Arthrosis of the spine

A range of electrodes designed specifically for the back allows you to treat pain in the back and lumbar spine in a more targeted way. Special neck electrodes are particularly helpful in the neck area, but can also be used anywhere on the spine. Long back electrodes can relieve pain in the spine as well as specifically build up the back muscles. Special shoulder electrodes adapt to the shape of the shoulder and noticeably simplify the treatment of shoulder pain. These special electrodes are also available in the TENS back pain set.

Finger arthrosis and wrist arthrosis

For the TENS therapy on the hand there are special finger electrodes (8er set from finger and 4x4), which can be attached ideally to finger and wrist. If several fingers are affected, a hand-silicone electrode can also be used, which is held in the hand during application. This offers the additional advantage that the user can tighten the fingers during the treatment and thereby can relieve the joint paint.

Elbow arthrosis

The elbow can be optimally worked with square electrodes. The shoulder electrode and the electrode against joint pain are also suitable for use on the elbow.

TENS device application

Please note: The amperage should be set so that it is perceived as a pleasant tingling sensation. The duration of the application should be approx. 40 minutes in order to achieve a lasting reduction in pain. It is also useful to change the programs from time to time.

Do you have questions about correct electrode placement to relieve arthrosis pain?

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