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Settings for TENS devices: You should pay attention to the following points

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation promises to combat pain without side effects and without the further use of painkillers or medication. However, the mode of action works differently for each person.


Therefore, please follow these steps:

  1. Before the TENS application clean the skin areas to be treated
  2. Place the electrodes so that they are firmly in place (tips). The electrodes should always be placed around the cause of pain.
  3. Choose the correct stimulation current program for your area of application - feel free to experiment to find out what helps you and feels just as comfortable.
  4. Always apply TENS for at least 30-40 minutes and if necessary even longer to get the best results and to relieve your pain.

When you start the nerve stimulation afterwards, you normally feel a light and pulsating as well as pleasant tingling on the skin. And from then on you know that the looseness, relaxation and pleasure will come back to life. Ideally, the pain will subside for a period of several hours. At the end, switch off the device and remove the electrodes.

Our tip: Set a treatment time of at least 40 minutes so that your body can release endorphins. This will further intensify the effect of the weaker or missing pain.

The application of TENS alone can not replace a healthy lifestyle, but can increase the quality of life through a pain-free everyday life.

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Rule of thumb for TENS applications

  • High frequency (80-100 Hz) + low, moderate intensity. Fast action.
  • Low frequency (2-5Hz) + high intensity. Effect lasts longer.
  • Change the parameters and the positions of the electrodes when the effect wears off.
  • Usually the pain area is limited with the electrodes. The distance between the electrodes should be at least 2 cm. The larger the pain area, the larger the electrodes.