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TENS in combination with EMS – a great combination

TENS in combination with EMS applications?

TENS promotes blood circulation and pain can be relieved. This can help many people with permanent complaints and prevent pain.

A subsequent EMS application unfolds further positive effects on the muscles. The musculature receives an improved muscle tone through the permanent impulse and the impulse pause. Irritated ligaments can thus be relieved and have the opportunity to calm down again due to the increasing muscular stability.

The ideal device for the TENS-/EMS combined application is the TENS-/EMS Combo Device X9. axion's premium bestseller is suitable for nerve and muscle stimulation, pain therapy, massages and pelvic floor training and was awarded the grade "very good" as the winner of the comparison.

Application example from practice: back pain


Often the body unconsciously adopts a relieving posture due to the back pain in order to relieve the painful area.

This posture can in turn lead to tension and trigger new complaints. EMS can help prevent these tensions and relieve existing ones. It should not be forgotten that the compressed intervertebral spaces are given the opportunity to enlarge again and to be able to supply themselves optimally with nutrients. EMS applications in connection with a TENS stimulation current therapy can help in advance to prevent back pain or to free oneself from back pain in the long term.

Muscular imbalances due to one-sided strain, an operation or injury caused by competitive sports...and now?

Muscular imbalances can cause considerable complaints. In the course of time, these increase more and more. Usually these imbalances are not immediately apparent. Only after some time do the first symptoms become apparent, thus indicating a problem.

In the elimination of a muscular imbalance, the EMS training in combination with a TENS stimulation current therapy can provide relief. The electrodes can be applied directly to the affected muscles. Through this targeted application, the affected musculature can be addressed directly and trained specifically. It is nevertheless recommended to stimulate both sides in case of imbalance. The body naturally works holistically and can therefore adapt more quickly.

With the TENS - application the musculature is first activated and then immediately trained by the EMS training. In contrast to conventional training, where only part of the muscle fibers are activated, EMS training stimulates all fibers of the muscle. This leads to an efficient and rapid strengthening.

Since training with EMS reaches the muscles in all muscle layers, imbalances can be compensated for gently and purposefully.

TENS and EMS experience reports

You have to try TENS and EMS yourself to know how it works best for you personally. Read here the testimonials of people who have already tried TENS and EMS successfully.


Field report: TENS-EMS combined application for shoulder-arm pain - by Elisabeth Schulte

"I received the TENS/EMS device to relieve my shoulder-arm pain and used it after a telephone instruction. The muscles were able to relax within 10 days with daily use. The pain is as good as gone.

Since I travel a lot in my job, I can take the small and handy device with me wherever I go. There is nothing to prevent regular use. I am enthusiastic and can highly recommend this targeted, individually applicable application".

Our special electrodes for schoulder pain have helped Mrs. Schulte with shoulder pain.

Field report: EMS muscle building after surgery - by Karl P.

"In the first few weeks, I was able to notice a significant improvement in muscle activation on the operated arm thanks to the stimulation current device. I worked with programs 11 and 23 of the 4-channel TENS-/EMS Combo Device STIM PRO X9. The intensity was between 33 and 36 on all channels. Professionally, I underwent a reintegration. However, due to the hourly daily work as a warehouse clerk, the condition of the operated arm deteriorated considerably.

As a result of these occupational stresses, the muscle tone was reduced and the biceps lost volume. Through the combination of TENS/EMS applications and conventional biceps curls in fitness training - in consultation with the attending physician - a steady increase in strength was achieved. The doctor then prescribed a rest phase until the muscle has recovered. Any stress was excluded for 8 days. After this rest phase, fitness training was carried out in the studio. The biceps recovered and increased in volume, strength and tone over the entire duration of treatment".

Field report: TENS treatment for tendinitis - by Miriam Merten

"I have carpal tunnel syndrome. The device came to us in no time after our phone call. At first I thought, oh God what kind of cable, what kind of device is this? But after the axion telephone support called me and explained it to me super on the phone, I was thrilled.

I first had to try out a few times, where I stuck it to which place best. But the enclosed book, where it was included, showed me exactly on the pictures how I had to handle it. In the beginning I set it on an easy level and after that I went higher and higher with the frequency.

I did the program for 20 minutes every day. Then I gradually increased it to half an hour. After that I did the muscle program for the muscles and I must say that it got better and better every day. It felt really good when it was on my skin. Afterwards my arm felt much better immediately. I used the device for a total of 4 weeks. But I have to say that I did not use it that much in the last week.

I can recommend it to anyone who has sports or other injuries and can use the device well".

Field report: TENS treatment for tennis elbow - by Daniel W.

"Due to my long lasting pain in my left elbow, which radiated into my left hand, I contacted Silvia Hahn and asked for help. The pain already lasted for more than 4 months and despite a visit to the doctor there has been no improvement. Diagnosis from the doctor: overstretching; Treatment: take it easy and be patient.

Silvia offered me to have a look at the elbow and if necessary to do a TENS-/EMS-application. Already after a single TENS-/EMS-application the pain decreased! In the first 24 hours after application I felt a tingling sensation and pain during everyday movements occurred only sporadically. Through additional training tips on how to do the fitness training, which I was able to take over exactly the same way, I can also train again in the studio. With the help of stimulation current I can - except for 2 to 3 exercises - do my entire training program again and there is no pain at all during everyday movements. Thanks a lot for that!"