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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We have summarized all important questions and answers about TENS & EMS (stimulation current) for you.

On the following overview pages you will find the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on the following topics:

On this page you will find important questions about our shop conditions, as well as the processing of your order.

Shop conditions

What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs for the different countries can be found here:


Shopping cart from 20€ - free shipping.

Shopping cart under 20€ - 1,95€.

For cash on delivery shipments a fee of 9,90€ will be charged. The deliverer will charge another 2€.

EU countries and Great Britain:

Shopping cart from 100€ - free shipping.

Shopping cart 50€ to 99,99€ - 6,95€.

Shopping cart under 50€ - 2,40€.

Cash on delivery shipments to Austria:

For cash on delivery shipments there is a fee of 16,80€. From the deliverer another 9,50€ will be charged.


Shopping cart from 100€ - free shipping.

Shopping cart under 100€ - 8,95€.

There may be additional charges from customs and the shipping service provider.

What can you do in case of a damaged product?

We pack all our goods with care. However, if any damage occurs during transport, please contact us immediately by e-mail: or phone: +49 7152 - 353 911 - 0.

How does the refund work?

Here you will find all information about refunds and the refund form.