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Pelvic floor training with electrodes

TENS pain therapy for the pelvic floor region

With the help of the TENS stimulation current therapy you can relieve your strong pain in the pelvic floor region. The pain therapy prevents the nerves from transmitting the pain stimulus to the brain. During the TENS application, the body can additionally release endorphins which reduce the pain.

Muscle development in the pelvic floor region with EMS training

EMS training with electrodes makes it possible to train the muscle culture so that incontinence is avoided or alleviated. Also, erection problems or premature ejaculation in men can be corrected and improved by muscle stimulation.

Which electrodes are suitable for pelvic floor training and where are they placed?

We recommend for the applications the electrodes 4 x 4 cm.

In women, for example, the electrodes are placed directly above the pubic area and over the buttocks.


In men, the placement is also made directly above the pubic area and bake over the buttocks.