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Pelvic floor trainers

Find the right pelvic floor trainer set consisting of EMS device, matching probe and contact gel for men and women and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles with lasting effect when used regularly.

Strong pelvic floor muscles support the internal organs and help to prevent or reduce incontinence. In addition, the muscles support the regression after a pregnancy. Erectile dysfunction in men can also be corrected by pelvic floor training.

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Pelvic Floor Trainer with Gold Coated Vaginal Probe Pelvic Floor Trainer with Gold Coated Vaginal...
  • 5 standard programs, a total of 50 programs
  • Touch Screen Function
  • Vaginal probe Minima, with gold coating, nickel free
  • Multicoloured backlighting of the display
€199.00 * €289.00 *
Pelvic Floor Trainer with anal Probe Pelvic Floor Trainer with anal Probe
  • Universal size electrodes
  • Excellent adhesion
  • For TENS & EMS
  • 2mm plug
€199.00 * €289.00 *

Pelvic floor training with EMS strengthens the muscles with the help of the appropriate vaginal or anal probe. The probes are made of dermatologically safe material and are easy to clean. A contact gel is included in the set for easy use. The various programs of the EMS device gently train the pelvic floor muscles and are without side effects when used correctly.

An electric pelvic floor trainer allows passive training, because the device does the work for you. This is a great advantage over manual training or proactive training devices. In everyday life you are not consciously aware of the pelvic floor. This is why many people initially have no conscious awareness of this muscle group and are not able to tense it specifically. axion's pelvic floor trainers enable effective training right from the start!