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Probes for TENS and EMS

Order discrete and secure anal probes and vaginal probes online

With our anal probes and vaginal probes  specifically target the muscles of the pelvic floor or the sphincter muscle train. You can use it to remedy incontinence, abdominal pain and other ailments of the lower body. It is important that you use certified EMS devices, that you consult a specialist and that you select your probes individually for the respective area of application.


(on the picture you can see the anal probe with gold coating, which can also be used in case of a nickel allergy. )

If you buy a probe for stimulation current treatment from us, you can be sure that only skin-friendly materials are used which are easy to clean and conduct electricity well. For example, you can obtain nickel-free probes with gold coating from us. We have consciously chosen a comparatively large selection of vaginal probes and anal probes included in our assortment, so that you can decide, which size and form fits best for you. In any case, the use of electrode contact gel is recommended to ensure optimal stimulus transmission and comfortable application.

EMS probes for an effective therapy

Incontinence and abdominal pain is a sensitive issue for some people, where discretion is required. However, this must not under any circumstances lead to people not talking about, for example, the possibilities offered by treatment with a vaginal probe. It is best to talk about this with a doctor you trust. Find out when it makes sense to use a probe and stimulation current to treat an incontinent bladder or slackened pelvic floor muscles.


(on the picture you can see the vaginal probe minima with gold coating.)

The pelvic floor muscles form a muscle complex that must work together harmoniously so that you feel good in all situations. Pain, incontinence and problems with bowel movements are often due to or at least influenced by the fact that this interaction is disturbed. Men can also benefit from stimulation current treatment in the abdominal area. That is why we offer a wide range of rectal probes to match the certified stimulation current devices.