Disposal and the Environment

Disposal of old devices

WEEE icon Electronic products contain recyclable materials and must therefore not be disposed of with the residual waste. This is regulated by the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act ("Law on the placing on the market, the return and the environmentally friendly disposal of electrical and electronic equipment") that applies in Germany.

Since 2005, the affected devices have been marked with the symbol of a crossed-out garbage can as a visible sign of resource conservation and environmental protection.
Old electronic devices are to be collected and transported in such a way that no dangerous substances can be released. In certified waste disposal companies, pollutants are rendered harmless and valuable materials are recovered for recycling. In this respect, professional collection and disposal protects the climate and the environment.
Please note when returning:
  • Before returning the item, remove the included batteries and rechargeable batteries and dispose of them separately.
  • Submit complete products only. There is no obligation to take back dismantled products.
  • You can continue to use the collection and recycling points of the public waste disposal authorities for the return, such as municipal recycling centers.
  • You can send old devices back to us for free disposal. Please post the return postage sufficiently and enclose a note with the request for disposal.

Notes on the Battery Act (BattG)

battery return

The BattG affects all types of batteries, regardless of shape, size, mass, material composition or use. It regulates the placing on the market, the return and the environmentally friendly disposal of batteries and accumulators. It also applies to batteries built into other products or attached to other products.

Batteries and rechargeable batteries must not be disposed of with the residual waste . The batteries in question are marked with a crossed-out garbage can. The symbols under the dustbin mean:

  • Pb : Battery contains lead
  • Cd : Battery contains cadmium
  • Hg : Battery contains mercury

The consumer is obliged to hand in empty batteries and accumulators at recycling centers or special collection points for batteries. They can also be returned to the seller for free disposal.

Notes on the packaging ordinance

The Packaging Ordinance aims to reduce or completely avoid the effects of packaging waste on the environment. Sales packaging may no longer be thrown in the residual waste, as most of it can be reused. Consumers are therefore legally obliged to return sales packaging.

Use the existing collection systems, such as paper bins or yellow bags, to dispose of the packaging of our products.