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What you should consider before buying an EMS device

In order to be able to carry out a strong EMS training at home, you need the correct EMS device (also called stimulation current device or electrostimulation device). So the small The small apparatus produces the electrical impulses and stimulates or strengthens your muscles via the electrodes, which stimulate your muscles via the electrodes and thereby strengthen them.


What EMS device do I need?

Before you decide on an EMS device, you should first inform yourself about electrical muscle stimulation and its area of application.

First, please note the following basic principle

EMS is not the same as TENS! You can find more information under differences TENS EMS or on our advisor pages: TENS Guide and EMS Guide.

When searching for a suitable stimulation current device, you will often come across both terms. You will find pure EMS devices as well as pure TENS devices (e.g. the TENS Device STIM-PRO T-400) and also smart EMS-TENS combination devices (e.g. thee.g. the TENS EMS Combo Device STIM-PRO X9).

The electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is always focused on the training and strengthening of muscles (short EMS muscle training). The TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) is a method for the TENS pain therapyBoth TENS devices and EMS devices can also be used for massage and wellness purposes. What these devices have in common is that they all work with electrical impulses.

The various EMS devices differ in functionality, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

EMS devices are valuable in the following three application areas

  • If your muscles are rebuilt by injuries, you can rebuild them with electrical muscle stimulation and make them stronger than before. Likewise, you can also generally continue to build up and stabilize the muscles without stressing your joints.
  • With electrical muscle stimulation you do something good for your fitness on the one hand and on the other hand you prevent complaints that may occur later in life. A strong musculature relieves joints and vertebrae and is equally important for both a job and physically demanding work.
  • The EMS-Training can be used positively as an extension to the existing training program. That is why, for example, many professional athletes use electrical muscle stimulation to improve their training results and achieve training goals faster. However, EMS is not a substitute for sports, but works optimally in combination with conventional training.

If none of these areas apply to you, you may need to look for a TENS device in the TENS area. Furthermore, please note that electrical muscle stimulation can be dangerous if you are pregnant, have certain chronic or serious illnesses, or have a pacemaker or metallic implants.

In any case, you should always consult a doctor and seek advice before buying and using an EMS device. The risk groups mentioned here are not yet complete and it is simply better to seek medical advice before using stimulation current. Even though this is normally largely harmless to the human body when used correctly.

Functioning of EMS devices with stimulation current

Learn more about the functionality of EMS devices in conjunction with stimulation current.

How EMS devices work

EMS devices send current pulses to electrodes that stick to the skin. Where the current pulses hit the body, they stimulate the muscles under the skin. It is also called muscle contraction.

The contractions as well as the pauses in between take several seconds (deviations are possible with special training programs) and the muscles are effectively trained by the concrete tensing and relaxing. Training with EMS is normally painless and you will experience a sometimes heavy and sometimes stable vibration. If it hurts, reduce the intensity. If you continue to feel discomfort, stop the training.

These are the advantages of the EMS devices from axion:

You have several advantages if you decide on the EMS devices from axion.

  • These are officially tested and certified medical devices.
  • You can rely on a variety of well-proven EMS programs, optimized for the respective user type or muscle group.
  • You will immediately understand how to use the stimulation current device correctly after purchase. The operation is intuitive and comprehensible. Alternatively, you can always contact our experienced medical product consultants.
  • The EMS devices all contain TENS functions. This provides relief for pain caused by injuries or strain of aching muscles.
  • There is a detailed and easily understandable guide to the correct electrode placement.
  • axion offers a strong personal and professional consultation before and after you buy the EMS device.
  • You can test the EMS devices for one month without risk. If you are dissatisfied, we will take back the stimulation current device without any ifs and buts. The purchase price will be completely refunded.
  • The EMS devices from axion are robust and reliable. Benefit from our 3-year guarantee.

Decide on a strong quality product and avoid any price hits or used equipment. This way you will be very satisfied from purchase to the first application and beyond. Which electrodes do you need for the EMS device?


You have the choice of different types of electrodes.

  • Square EMS electrode pads, which are included in our EMS devices, are universally suitable for applications throughout the body.
  • Large and rectangular EMS electrode pads can be used for large area muscle stimulation such as on the thigh.
  • Specially shaped EMS electrode pads are designed for hard-to-reach body regions or for special applications. Electrodes in butterfly shape can be used very well in the neck area, extra long electrodes are ideal for back training or leg training.

Find the appropriate electrodes for your needs! You can read detailed information in our electrodes guide.

In most cases you will need square electrode pads. Remember to buy some replacement electrodes, even if they are already included with the EMS devices. You will need to replace the electrodes from time to time as the adhesive weakens and they no longer stick to the skin. Our tip: Clean the skin before use with a contact and cleaning spray to prolong the life of the electrodes.

How many channels do you need?

There are EMS devices with two or four channels. The more channels a device has, the more muscles you can exercise at the same time. At axion you will find the premium EMS device with four channels, which enables you to do efficient and time-saving EMS training, the bestseller TENS EMS Combo Device STIM-PRO X9.

You can always use twice as many electrodes as the stimulation current device has available at the channels.

  1. A strong two-channel stimulation current device with four electrodes is sufficient to train a slightly larger muscle area, for example the chest or leg muscles. They can also be used for targeted training of smaller muscles such as the biceps, for example, on both sides and symmetrically.
  2. The strong four-channel stimulation current unit with eight electrodes is universally suitable for all muscle groups and the ideal addition to your daily fitness routine. It is perfect, for example, for symmetrically exercising the large abdominal area and defining the six-pack.

Would you like to try the EMS device all over your body? In this case we recommend our four-channel version. With this device you are prepared for all eventualities.

How many training programs do you need?

The fact is that it is not the pure number of training programs on an EMS device that is decisive, but the number of programs that are really relevant for you.

Before you buy an EMS device, think about where on your body you want to use it primarily. Then look at what EMS devices offer the most appropriate training programs for the body regions. You may also be interested in a stimulation current device that has only ten programs if it has the ideal programs to help you achieve your goals.

Manual settings for the correct muscle stimulation for EMS applications

How to make the correct settings of your EMS device:

In addition to the recommended programs, there are many other variables that can be influenced in order to enable the most individualized pain relief possible. The following settings can be adjusted using the TENS/EMS Combo Device STIM-PRO-X9:

  • Frequency and pulse duration for muscle building and endurance
  • EMS – Parameters
  • The pulse duration
  • The intensity
  • The rise and fall time (ramp)
  • The duration of the contraction
  • The duration of the pauses (OFF)
  • The waveform

With this range of possibilities, you may be at a loss to decide which variables are best suited to your individual case. For this purpose, there is our detail page „the correct setting of your device", which gives you an overview of the individual variables and their possible applications.

Examples for the setting of the EMS parameters

Rule of thumb for endurance training:

Program: Synchronous
Low frequency: max. 15-18 Hz
Short contraction time: 4-6 seconds
Short ramp: 2-3 seconds
Short pause time: 3-6 seconds
Long application time: 20-30 minutes, followed by a longer break
Small muscle: low pulse width (50 – 100 µs)
Large muscle: higher pulse width (200 – 300 µs)

Rule of thumb: muscle building & strength training:

Program: Synchronous
High frequency Frequency: 35-50 Hz
Longer contraction time: over 10 seconds
Ramp time: 2-4 seconds
Pause time: at least as long as the contraction time
Short application time: 3-5 minutes, several repetitions daily, similar to small muscle: low pulse width (50-100 µs)
large muscle: higher pulse width (200-300 µs)