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Electrodes - Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

General information about the electrodes

What should be considered when buying electrodes?

Pay attention to the following product-specific features:

  1. Compatibility: The suitable connection to your stimulation current device
  2. Adhesion and conductivity: (For improved adhesion there is the contact and cleaning spray)
  3. Matching shape: For the respective application on the body (head, foot, hand, ...)

You can find more information on this topic in our electrode guide.

You should also note the following quality features:

  1. CE mark: Valid certification as medical device
  2. LOT number (batch number)
  3. Expiration date of the electrodes
  4. Information on the manufacturer or the EU representative
  5. Comprehensible operating instructions

How can I recognize a valid certification for electrodes?

Look for the proof of a CE mark on the packaging of the electrodes. Know how you can distinguish good from bad quality electrodes here.

Why are there different numbers of electrodes in TENS devices?

With larger muscles, a larger number of electrodes is usually required to ensure a large-area coverage. For smaller muscles often fewer electrodes are necessary. For particularly large areas such as the back, there are special electrodes like the electrode against back pain. For smaller areas such as fingers, the finger electrode and for mobile areas such as the elbow, the special electrode against joint pains

Which advantages do TENS devices with more electrodes have?

For some applications two electrodes are sufficient for the treatment. The back or thighs can usually be treated better with 4 electrodes or 8 electrodes. With our STIM-PRO X9+ you can use up to 8 electrodes simultaneously thanks to 4 channels.

Do the electrodes fit your device?

Our electrodes are sorted by connections. On our electrode overview page you can choose between electrodes with a 2 mm plug connection, a 3.2 mm snap-on, a 3.5 mm snap-on and a 3.75 mm snap-on connection. In addition, our electrodes are compatible with almost every stimulation current device of other brands such as Beurer, Schwa-Medico or Sanitas.

How can the adhesive properties of the TENS electrode pads be improved?

Before each use you should clean your skin with water, not with soap. Care for your TENS electrode pads after each use with a few drops of water, but not with a damp cloth. By using a contact spray you can additionally improve the adhesive properties of the electrode pads. For more information, please refer to our guide.

Do you need a contact gel for the electrodes?

That depends on whether you use the self-adhesive or the permanent electrodes. For the permanent electrodes you need a contact gel.

Do you need a contact spray for the electrodes?

No, basically you do not need a contact spray to use the electrodes for TENS or EMS applications. But with the contact spray the electrodes last longer.

What material are our electrodes made of?

Our electrodes are made of carbon. Read more about the structure and quality of our electrodes.

Where should the electrodes be stored?

To ensure a long lasting quality of the electrodes, keep them in the packaging sent to you. Pack the electrodes airtight.

Placement and use of the electrodes

May you place the electrodes on the wounds?

No, the electrodes must never be applied to open wounds.

Why is the placement of the electrodes so important for a TENS treatment?

Only if the electrodes are placed correctly, the pain can be effectively relieved. Instructions for the correct placement of the electrodes with over 30 application examples can be found on our TENS application page.

How should the electrodes be removed?

To remove the electrodes, pull them slowly and carefully off the skin.

Can the electrodes be reused?

Yes, both the self-adhesive and the permanent electrodes can be reused. If you clean the skin before use and store the electrodes carefully, they can be used more often.

How often can the electrodes be used?

Normally electrodes last for 20 applications. With good skin care and careful storage of the electrodes, they can last up to 30 applications.

Do you have to clean self-adhesive electrodes after use?

No, stick the electrodes on the packaging after use and pack them airtight.