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Placement of the electrodes for a shoulders EMS training

With the shoulder muscles we move the shoulder girdle and the shoulder joint. The shoulder joint is very susceptible to injury and should be protected by the shoulder muscles. To give the shoulder area more stability, it is important to strengthen the shoulder muscles. It gives the joint support by pressing the head of the humerus into the socket. With electrical muscle stimulation you can train the shoulder muscles in a targeted manner.

A strong shoulder musculature also prevents neck pain. A predominantly sedentary activity quickly leads to an unhealthy position of the shoulders, which can have a negative effect on the upper cervical spine. With the appropriate EMS device and electrodes you can build up your muscles in a targeted manner!


So place the electrodes on the shoulder

Here you can see how the electrodes are placed correctly during shoulder EMS training and which program selection we recommend for the EMS devices. For your shoulder muscles, use the special shoulder electrodes. An alternative are the electrodes 5 x 5 cm.

The ideal program for your application:

Since the stress sensations and goals of EMS training are very individual, we have compiled an overview with different requirements for you. Simply connect and attach electrodes, select the program and start the training:

All programs are included in our TENS-EMS device STIM-PRO X9.

Strength workout:

Beginners: We recommend the program P17.

Advanced: In this case we recommend program P19.

Muscle building:

Beginners: We recommend program P21.

Advanced: In this case we recommend program P23.

Endurance workout:

Beginners: We recommend program P25.

Advanced: In this case we recommend program P27.

Do you still have questions about the correct electrode placement when working out the shoulder?

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