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Placement of the electrodes for Knee Instability

With an EMS treatment you strengthen the supporting muscles of your knee

Our knee joint is exposed to great stress in everyday life. When we walk, it bears approximately half of our body weight and muscles help to stabilize the knee joint under this load. Support the stabilization of the knee and prevent pain through EMS – muscle stimulation. A strengthened musculature relieves the knee.

How to place the electrodes for the knee

The following video shows the correct electrode placement for EMS training on the knee and the corresponding program selection on the EMS devices. We recommend for the application the Electrodes 5 x 5 cm.

The ideal program for your application:

Since the stress sensations and goals of EMS training are very individual, we have compiled an overview with different requirements for you. Simply connect and attach electrodes, select the program and start the training:

All programs are included in our TENS-EMS device STIM-PRO X9.

Knee stability:

Beginners: Here we recommend the program P17.

Advanced: Here we recommend program P19.

Do you still have questions about the correct electrode for stabilizing the knee?

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