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EMS training for cellulite

Act against cellulite with EMS

Cellulite affects most women regardless of their silhouette, age and body mass index (BMI). For the majority, it is a problem of self-esteem, but thanks to the application of electrostimulation, this problem can be alleviated or even eliminated. In addition to creams, surgical and massage equipment with palpation, electrostimulators are positioned as highly effective anti-cellulite agents that have produced positive results in thousands of women.

Cellulite is mostly found in the area of the hips and thighs. The so-called orange peel skin is formed by a group of saturated fat cells which are stored under the skin and thus cause deformations. The regular use of electrostimulation with a suitable device can help to reduce cellulite and even help to eliminate it.


(Cellulite treatment with the 12x7 cm electrodes)

The ideal program for your application:

Since the stress sensations and goals of EMS training are very individual, we have compiled an overview with different requirements for you. Simply connect and attach electrodes, select the program and start the training:

All programs are included in our TENS-EMS device STIM-PRO X9.

Cellulite treatment:

Beginners: We recommend the program P26.

Advanced: In this case we recommend program P28.

Massage with electrostimulation: anti-cellulite drainage effect

The most effective remedy against cellulite is the improvement of blood circulation and lymphatic drainage through massage. The drainage not only stimulates blood and lymph circulation, but also breaks down the fat cells that cause cellulite groups.

Draining massages can be performed with a TENS or EMS electrical stimulator. Most devices offer electrostimulation massages, which are mainly intended for recovery after training. By placing the electrodes in the critical areas (especially on the hips and the whole body) and selecting the massage program with the appropriate intensity and frequency, the user benefits from an anti-cellulite effect with a progressive action.

Note: The parameters of the electrostimulator are generally predefined. The user can adapt them to his needs: The electrical stimuli should never be unpleasant, so you must find the right settings to feel a pleasant tingling sensation.

Muscular electrostimulation: Muscle build-up to reduce cellulite

Another way to effectively combat cellulite is to develop strong muscles. During development, the muscle replaces fat cells, which gradually disappear. Besides a contoured silhouette, the skin regains a firm and smooth appearance.

The strong electrical stimulation of muscles (EMS) makes it possible to carry out muscle training without effort or restrictions. The electrostimulator can be used anywhere and often provides quickly visible effects. The anti-cellulite electrodes 12 x 7 cm are suitable for use with the appropriate EMS device.

The effects of electrostimulation on the orange peel skin

For rapid results, anti-cellulite electrostimulation, massages and muscle strengthening are recommended with 1 or 2 sessions per week for 2 months. In any case, the effectiveness of the anti-cellulite application depends on the metabolism and perseverance of the training and requires a long-term care.

Another decisive factor for the effectiveness of electrostimulation is the lifestyle. To achieve a more rapid effect, it is recommended that the use of the electrostimulator be combined with traditional sports practice and an appropriate diet low in salt, sugar and fats, accompanied by an abundant intake of water. According to these guidelines, the results of electrostimulation are a successful and rapid treatment against cellulite: "green holes" can be reduced and even disappear.

Why electrostimulation in the fight against cellulite?

Massages with electrostimulation are effortlessly relaxing and muscle building. On the other hand, electrostimulation helps to prevent the appearance of fat cells and make cellulite disappear. In addition to its efficiency, it has several advantages: it is practically painless and can be used easily at home.

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