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Biceps training with electric muscle stimulation

Here we would like to show you how you can train your biceps with EMS in combination with other training methods. With the axion EMS devices you can support biceps training with electrical muscle stimulation as follows:

Support during bicep training with an EMS muscle stimulator

  • Select an EMS program for small muscle groups or set a manual EMS mode.
  • Adjust the intensity in such a way that the muscle contracts noticeably more noticeably.
  • As soon as the contractions begin, perform the training exercises parallel to the contraction through the EMS device. During the operation, please observe the same breaks for tension and rest as the EMS program.


We recommend using the 5 x 5 cm electrodes. Alternativly you can use the 4x4 cm electrodes.

EMS-Training Biceps Upper Arm

The biceps muscle is essential for lifting loads and is often aesthetically representative of the fitness of the entire body. It is the antagonist to the triceps and the smaller of the two upper arm muscles. Most beginners put too much strain on the biceps, which can often lead to overtraining. To stimulate the biceps to grow, 1-2 applications per week with 5-10 minutes of EMS stimulation are usually sufficient. It is essential to take 2-3 rest days between EMS workouts. 

The ideal program for your application:

Since the stress sensations and goals of EMS training are very individual, we have compiled an overview with different requirements for you. Simply connect and attach electrodes, select the program and start the training:

All programs are included in our TENS-EMS device STIM-PRO X9.

Strength workout:

Beginners: We recommend the using program P17.

Advanced: In this case we recommend using program P19.

Muscle building:

Beginners: We recommend using the program P21.

Advanced: In this case we recommend using the program P23.

Endurance workout:

Beginners: We recommend using the program P25.

Advanced: In this case we recommend using the program P27.

Do you still have questions about the correct electrode placement when working out the biceps?

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