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Everything you need to know about EMS

Electric muscle stimulation (EMS)

You can use your muscles, simply at home, on vacation, wherever you are and whatever you do. Electrical muscle stimulation with an EMS device makes it happen. Several studies indicate that it does indeed have a positive effect on the body.

What are your advantages with EMS training

  • Targeted and absolutely painless muscle stimulation: Depending on the setting of the parameters, electrical muscle stimulation specifically targets red or white muscle fibres and you can also target individual muscles that are neglected during normal training. Thereby you strengthen your musculature immensely.
  • In addition, an EMS device at home is ideal for those who cannot manage to go to the gym two or three times a week. You will have more time again and may even save yourself the studio monthly fee if you move your sport outside.
  • More flexible than EMS studios in the city: you have the flexible home advantage and can use EMS wherever you are. This saves you time and money. In addition, the accessories for your own EMS device are in the long run less expensive than a subscription to the EMS studio.
  • Training also for injuries: If you can no longer train holistically due to an injury, you still have the EMS training for all non-injured parts of the body. Get in touch with your doctor.
  • When the brain sends stimuli to the muscles, never all muscle fibers contract, but only some of them. The EMS device works in depth and actually causes all muscle fibers to contract. This causes an extremely intensive and effective training.

BONUS: Not only do you train with the EMS, but you can also treat muscle tension at home simply and effectively. The electrical stimulation current from the electrodes loosens your muscles and stimulates the blood circulation. Whether in the neck, shoulders, arms and legs, the upper back or the lumbar region.


Application areas for EMS

Popular application areas of EMS

  • Rehab and muscle building: For example, both minor and major injuries cause muscle regression. Build up the muscles effectively with EMS and make them stronger than before.
  • If you use EMS often, you will not only do something good for your fitness, but you can also prevent further complaints. Targeted EMS training, for example, relieves pressure on vertebrae and can prevent complaints, leg training can relieve pressure on the knee joints, a EMS pelvic floor training can be effective in the treatment and prevention of incontinence.
  • Sport: Integrate the EMS as an athlete or bodybuilder in your existing sports program and challenge your muscles outside of it. So you can reach your training goals even faster without having to train more.
  • Relax and loosen up: With a TENS-EMS Combi Device you have the option to not only challenge your muscles but also to reward them. A stimulation current massage is good for you and can, for example, prevent sore muscles and relieve strenuous tension.

EMS Electrostimulation in cosmetics

Today EMS is even used in the cosmetic field. It helps to tighten the skin and is used to treat connective tissue weakness in middle-aged women. It is based on a special exercise programme combined with EMS total body training, which often leads to an improvement in the skin's appearance and helps to combat cellulite.

EMS - Application for cellulite

Here you can work specifically through the electrodes on the affected areas. EMS can help to reduce cellulite. However, for long-term success, sport or the application of EMS is unfortunately not enough. Nutrition plays an important role in the fight against cellulite. With EMS, there is a chance to reduce cellulite, as the build-up of muscle and the reduction of body fat leads to a better silhouette and smoother skin. Here you can find detailed information about training against cellulite: EMS training against Cellulite


Anti-Aging with EMS

EMS training stimulates all muscles of the body, especially the deeper ones. On the whole body as well as on the face we have a lot of muscles that need to be trained and worked by us daily. The muscle build-up and the resulting tightening of the skin can help to delay the aging process.

Other beneficial side effects may be the improved body feeling and increased performance of the body through EMS training. This also promotes the anti-aging process.


Muscle build-up through stimulation current

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The list of applications for electrical muscle stimulation is enormous today. Already in the 1950s, sports scientists of the USSR discovered the advantages of EMS. To address individual muscles and muscle groups with a largely freely selectable load, and then to do so without drugs and side effects, was a sensation in those years. Not to mention the lack of risk of injury, especially through heavy weights or movements that put too much strain on the joints.

This is also a reason why you can find EMS solutions in many professional sports. Athletes improve their performance or use the electrical muscle stimulation as an addition to the normal training units. A nice example is the "strong" skiing. Many well-known skiers use electrical muscle stimulation to strengthen their legs, abdomen and back for endurance and speed on the slopes.

However, hobby sportsmen and women also benefit from the EMS. In the gym you can prove your strength and endurance, at home you can go one better with muscle stimulation. Namely, when and where you want to do it. Whether directly after work, in the evening watching TV or in the morning before breakfast. The different programs of an EMS device help to build up the muscles in all areas of the body in a constant way.

For example, forget the weeks of training, especially after the many Christmas dinners and New Year's Eve raclette, to get your summer figure back. A few applications with the EMS device may be enough to reactivate the muscles and tighten the abdomen. Likewise, stimulation current therapy can work wonders in the treatment of cellulite. If you have a balanced diet and exercise and use EMS additionally, you will tighten the connective tissue and counteract it.

Muscle contraction in EMS 

You can build up your EMS training using the electrodes in a completely individual way, depending on the complaints you have or the goals you want to achieve. For athletes and operation patients, the muscle build-up is in the foreground. Many EMS devices, including the STIM-PRO X9, offer certain programs that are specifically designed for effective muscle building and are therefore ideal for EMS training in this area.

Example: instruction for an EMS training of the abdominal muscles


You do not need to have a specific figure or be particularly slim for an EMS training course. As soon as the EMS device emits the electrical stimuli and these are applied to the body via the electrodes, the muscles inside contract strongly. Usually the corresponding stimuli come from the brain or spinal cord. In electrical muscle stimulation, they come from outside the body through the skin, but this makes no difference to the muscles. It is only different in that the EMS stimulation current can address your muscles even more specifically on the basis of medical knowledge.

In medicine, it is now widely known how quickly the muscles can and should contract. As well as how long it takes them to relax. And also, how based on this, the ideal training method for explosive strength, strength endurance and maximum strength should look like. The EMS technology takes this as a foundation and builds up the equipment and programs accordingly. This way you get the perfect muscle training for your home.