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Premium muscle stimulators from axion

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TENS EMS Combo Machine STIM-PRO X9 TENS EMS Combo Machine STIM-PRO X9
  • Premium TENS/EMS machine
  • 4 channels | 37 programmes
  • 7 freely adjustable modes
  • Pain therapy, massage, muscle training, etc.
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Train your muscles with the electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and the TENS/EMS Combo Device STIM-PRO X9 at any time from home. For this muscle training, you only need the stimulation current device and appropriate electrodes. When used correctly, EMS is without side effects and has the advantage of reaching even deep-seated muscle groups. These muscle groups are usually difficult to train with normal fitness training. You determine yourself which muscles you want to stimulate specifically with the stimulation current device. The combination with the TENS stimulation current therapy can additionally release your tensions.

With the medically tested and certified TENS/EMS combination device STIM PRO X9, you can select different programs for large or small muscle groups and decide between beginner and advanced groups depending on the training intensity. Due to the 4 channels you have the possibility to place up to 8 electrodes at the same time.

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