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How TENS and EMS electrodes can last longer?

With our tips you can ensure a better durability of the electrodes for your TENS device

You can already notice this during the first application: The difference between high-quality, certified brand electrodes and cheap mass-produced goods. If you buy cheap, you will have to buy more often and end up spending more money. But even with high-quality electrodes, if you use nerve or muscle stimulation and self-adhesive electrodes frequently, you will have to replace them sooner or later.


To get the most out of your electrodes, it helps a lot if you consistently follow the following tips for correct electrode handling:

  • Please clean the skin before each use! Residues of skin fat, creams or cosmetics can quickly have its effect on the adhesive surface of the electrodes. Here caution is better than indulgence, because dirty electrodes cannot be cleaned. Water and cleaning agents dissolve the adhesive film.

    Our tip: With the special contact and cleaning spray from axion you can clean your skin very quickly. Simply spray on and wipe off. If no spray is available, you can also use lukewarm water and a little soap.

  • Do not pull on the cable of the electrodes if you detach them from the carrier foil or the skin! In the long run, this can stress the contacts and affect the current transmission. Instead, carefully pull off the electrodes at one corner.

  • Stick the electrodes onto the carrier foil between the applications and place it in the resealable bag. Make sure that no dirt gets onto the backing film. If it does get dirty, you can also stick the electrodes onto a piece of aluminium foil for storage. The adhesive surface of the electrodes should not extend beyond the edge of the foil during storage
  • Store the electrodes in a cool and dry place. Please make sure that they are not exposed to direct sunlight, as the adhesive film may suffer.
  • Do not try to clean self-adhesive electrodes! The gel layer of the electrodes is water-based and can be removed by contact with water or alcohol. Instead, clean the skin before applying the electrodes.

By observing these points you can achieve the best possible service life for your TENS electrodes.