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Electrode quality and reliability

What distinguishes good from bad electrodes?

Professional TENS or EMS units administer precisely dosed stimulation current pulses to the user’s nerves and muscles, which, depending on the application, differ in frequency range, pulse duration or wave form of the pulse.


To ensure that you have the desired effect, the transmission from the unit to the skin should be without distortion. If the signal is transmitted inadequately or distorted, in certain circumstances the opposite of the therapy might be the result. The quality of the electrodes is of crucial importance. The composition and quality of the materials used are factors which determine the success or failure of the TENS therapy.

Cheap electrodes must be treated with caution. Apart from the inadequate transmission properties, the service life is relatively short. In addition, the electrode gel used in cheap electrodes has rarely undergone dermatological testing and can lead to allergic reactions. Ultimately, these are products which violate the Medical Devices Act and are therefore illegal.

Quality electrodes can be identified by the following characteristics:

  • Operating instructions on or in the packaging
  • Manufacturer or EU representative information on or in the packaging
  • Expiry date showing until when the electrodes may be used
  • Batch or lot number
  • CE mark (is frequently copied; without the above mentioned information, this alone does not indicate whether the electrodes are in compliance with the law or not.)

Our electrodes have optimal conductivity, adhesive properties and are also absolutely skin-friendly. For the selection of self-adhesive TENS electrodes, our expert advisors are available to you by phone or e-mail. Another important point is the correct electrode placement. The correct placement can positively influence the effectiveness of an EMS session or increase the feel-good factor of a TENS treatment.

Structure of our carbon electrodes:

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