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Electrode guide - Everything you need to know about electrodes

TENS therapy – but not without the correct electrodes

Joint pain? Shoulder and neck pain? Headaches? These are only three of the various types of pain that can affect you and reduce your quality of life enormously. What can you do to eliminate pain or at least alleviate it? 


For example, you could consider stimulation current therapy with a TENS device. Thereby, electrical impulses are transmitted to your skin, which should ultimately relieve the pain. But remember: Such a TENS therapy (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) only works if you use the right electrodes for your application.

Standard electrodes 5 x 5 cm are suitable for many bodies, but not for all bodies

A real all-rounder electrode is the square Standard electrodes with the size 5 x 5 cm, which is frequently used and is supplied as standard with axion instruments. Other electrodes adhere better to some parts of the body, such as the knee, foot or wrist, and can therefore be more effective.


For pain in special areas of the body such as the neck-shoulder area, it is recommended to use electrodes specially made for this purpose. These adapt themselves optimally to certain body parts, thus facilitating the application and at the same time increasing the effectiveness.

Get to know the special electrodes for special bodies

1. neck electrode

At neck pain instead of the normal 5 x 5 cm electrodes, those with the shape of a butterfly are recommended. Since you only need to attach one electrode and not four individual 5 x 5 cm electrodes, you can attach the special electrode correctly without any help. This ensures a uniform distribution of the stimulation current.



special electrode: applications at the neck

2. shoulder electrodes

The semicircular joint electrodes from the axion range are particularly recommended for knee or shoulder pain, as they adapt ideally to the curves of the body.


special electrode: applications at the shoulder

3. special electrodes against joint pains

For joint pain of any kind, the special electrodes are recommended. Thanks to their fit, these electrodes have excellent adhesive power.



special electrode against joint pains with perfect hold on the joints

4. back pain electrodes 

If you are suffering from back pain, we recommend our patented back pain electrode, which is an ultra long back pain electrode. This is a single 20 x 12 cm electrode pad, which you can usually attach to the back of the instrument without any external help.


back pain electrode

Are there any other special electrodes? Yes! Application sites for silicone and textile electrodes

When making your selection, always focus on the pain points with which you want to treat your pain. In this way you create ideal conditions. For most patients, simply use the normal electrode pads, which are also included in the scope of delivery of all axion TENS devices. You will find further special electrodes with us:

1. silicone electrodes

Silicone electrodes are ideal for the treatment of pain in the wrist or in the hand or finger.


To silicone electrodes

2. textile electrodes

Some areas of the body, such as the arm, foot or knee, require special electrodes that are gently positioned, enclose everything and fit perfectly during movement. Due to the elastic cuffs, which have been worked into the silver yarn, the electrodes fit perfectly and the stimulation current can be transmitted evenly. In addition, textile electrodes with a long service life are convincing.

Textile electrodes are also frequently used for wellness and stimulation current massages.

Textile electrode for the wrist

Wrists are a common site for persistent pain. With the textile electrode for the wrist you have a special electrode that fits gently and encloses everything. The elastic cuffs, into which silver yarn has been worked, transmit the time current evenly and convince by a long durability.


To textile electrode on arm joint

stimulation current socks

You suffer from foot pain in the foot or ankle? Normal electrodes do not hold as desired? With axion's stimulation current socks you can take comfortable and targeted action against a whole range of complaints. Arthritis, arthrosis and rheumatism are only a few of the possible applications.


To stimulation current sock size 6.5 - 9.5 or size 3.5 - 6.5  

Benefit from the flexible bandage for stimulation current treatment of the knee. With 16% very good conductive silver yarn including self-adhesive electrode.


To knee textile electrode

Self-adhesive electrodes or permanent electrodes with gel? Which pads are better suited?

One major difference, which has not been mentioned above, is whether you choose self-adhesive electrodes or permanent pads with gel.

Both pads have their advantages and disadvantages:

Self-adhesive electrodes


  • The electrodes can be used immediately, without additional preparation.
  • The electrodes are self-adhesive through a skin-friendly gel layer, without additional accessories.
  • You have a large selection of electrodes for the individual elimination of pain.


  • Due to wear and tear, the electrodes will eventually have to be replaced. Clean your skin well before use to prolong the life of the electrodes!
  • The electrodes cannot be used by several people.

Continuous electrodes with gel


  • They can be used as self-adhesive electrodes.
  • They can be cleaned by various means so that they can be used by several users. They are therefore also suitable for the commercial sector.


  • They can only be used with electrode gel.
  • For each application, the electrodes must be applied with tape or plasters.

What must be observed before applying the electrodes and TENS devices?

In order that the pain therapy with TENS has the expected effect, you must ensure the correct functionality of the electrodes. But this is more complicated than it actually is. At the core, you only need to make sure that the pads are undamaged, clean and free of contamination.

If any of the above does not apply, you should replace the electrodes before starting to apply stimulation current. Then reattach the electrodes to the plastic film for protection. Wear can be minimized if you clean the skin area before applying the electrodes, for example with a special electrode spray.

Otherwise, you should only make sure that you can maximize the effect on certain bodies if you use electrodes specifically designed for this purpose. Although standard electrodes can be used almost anywhere on the body, they are often more complicated to use than specialty electrodes. If something is unclear in the choice of pads, please consult our experts in advance.

Which electrodes fit my TENS device?

Topic: Compatibility Different manufacturers use different connection types for their devices. All of the axion TENS devices have a universal 2mm plug connector for electrodes, for which you can of course buy numerous electrodes (sets) in this shop. These fit also to most devices of other manufacturers with plug connection.

If you are unsure about the selection, simply contact one of our experts and let them advise you. You can reach our customer service at +49 (0) 7152 – 353 911 – 0.

What are the advantages of TENS devices with more electrodes?

To achieve a beneficial result, it is usually sufficient to use two to a maximum of four electrodes on small areas. For larger areas such as the back, abdomen and thighs or when treating several parts of the body at the same time, more pads are optimal. The simultaneous placement of up to eight electrodes is possible.

For muscle stimulation (EMS), it makes sense to train the body symmetrically. Here you can train your musculature with more electrodes on both sides and save time. 

If there are advantages for you, if you choose a TENS device with more electrodes, it always depends on where you feel pain, whether you are doing a pure pain therapy or want to complement this with preventive muscle stimulation.

Conclusion: This is how you select the appropriate TENS electrodes

Electrodes differ mainly in their size and shape. Which size and shape you need is determined by the size and shape of the cells, e.g. the type of body you want to use them on.

The suitable electrodes provide a good hold when applied and can correctly transmit the stimulation current pulses.

Fitting electrodes for axion devices and for foreign brands.

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