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Thermotherapy - a natural healing method

A relaxing supply of heat or a refreshing cooling revitalises our body. Both cold application and heat treatment are part of thermotherapy. It uses temperature stimuli to promote the body's self-healing process. In this natural healing method, the causes of pain and symptoms are treated without medication or side effects.

Heat therapy: relieve pain and fight the causes

After a working day in a sitting, standing or physically strained position, many of us are still unable to switch off afterwards. The reason is a tense or hardened musculature, which we get through always the same movement sequences in everyday life, stress or physical overexertion. Severe pain in muscle tone impairs the musculoskeletal system and can even cause headaches. Instead of resorting to medication such as painkillers, warmth can help you. The use of heat can not only relieve the symptoms, but also treat the cause and relieve muscle tension. The heat treatment does not have any side effects. It stimulates the metabolism, makes the connective tissue more elastic, the joints more flexible and releases more messenger substances to relieve pain. Cramps in menstrual pain and pain in the back, neck, kidneys or joints can be relieved with the heat, for example. If we are nervous or sleep restlessly, a warm hot water bottle or pillow can help us. The extra warmth soothes us and helps us to relax.


Hot water bottles and compresses in various sizes are available for the different parts of the body, or heat pads such as the moor pillow for the neck, stomach and back or the whole body. Heat carriers with moor filling have been used in heat treatment for a very long time, as the moor can store heat for a long time. Our compresses and moor pillows are not only suitable for heat application but also for cold therapy.

Cryotherapy or cold therapy: pain-relieving cold stimulus

The cold application alleviates the symptoms of swelling, bruising, contusions and bruising. With the cold applied, the blood circulation is reduced and the metabolism is slowed down. While doing housework, it is easy to get minor burns while cooking, to pinch your finger in a drawer or to bump your knee on the edge of a table. Cooling compresses in various sizes can help here. Wrap them in a cloth and then place them on the body. Sprains or bruises can also occur during sport. For uncomplicated and prompt treatment there are the instant compresses. You don't need a freezer compartment, but cool immediately on the spot by shaking or folding the compress. This makes them particularly practical when you are on the move.


The effective temperatures of thermotherapy

With thermotherapy you can activate the body's own self-healing powers in a natural and gentle way. The different stimuli of heat therapy and cold treatment are even supposed to strengthen the immune system. Our products for thermotherapy are quick and easy to use, very effective and inexpensive. They help with everyday complaints such as muscle pain, tension and muscle hardening, but also with high blood pressure and as a means of reducing fever. These small practical everyday helpers should not be missing in any household, as you will certainly use them.

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