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STIM-PRO X9 - your everyday companion

Whether TENS or EMS, both are possible with our STIM-PRO X9. In any application you are not bound to time and place. Whether at work, while walking, cooking or ironing. Your personal, pain-relieving or muscle-building programme can be used anytime and anywhere.

TENS-EMS combination unit STIM-PRO X9 - the bestseller for maximum functionality and comfort

Our STIM-PRO X9 is a true all-rounder. The combination device convinces with a uniquely wide range of functions and maximum ease of use. With 37 different programmes, our bestseller is equipped for every situation in everyday life. You can select individual programmes for pain therapy, muscle stimulation, pelvic floor training and stimulation current massage. The device also has four channels. Two electrodes can be connected per channel. You can therefore place a total of eight electrodes on your body at the same time. This means that several body regions can be treated simultaneously with the electrical impulses.

„Hochwertiges Gerät. Funktioniert sensationell. Design etwas altmodisch aber funktionell. Ich hab das mit dem Akku gekauft. Kostet zwar 20.-€ mehr, zahlt sich aber aus. Vorher hatte ich schon 3x so billige Dinger (19,99.-) gekauft. Da erlebt man dann mit dem STIM-PRO X9 etwas ganz Neues. Kann es nur empfehlen.“

Nishat - User of the X9 since August 2020


The STIM-PRO X9 - Effective pain treatment

There are no fixed rules when and where TENS or EMS are used. But it is almost always and everywhere possible to treat one's own pain, to build up and strengthen muscles or simply to be convinced of the beneficial effects of a stimulation current massage. 

The possibilities start right after getting up. When breakfast is being prepared, the dog is being walked or the morning newspaper is being read. You can already do something good for your body during the first everyday activities. The electrodes are attached to the treated area, the device is connected, the programme selected and the pain therapy can begin. For almost any kind of pain you can use TENS applications. For example, if you have back pain, use our specially developed back electrodes to provide relief. From the lower back up to the neck - with our large back electrode, the long back electrode or the neck electrode you can fight pain effectively and for a long time.

Fast response to all questions. Staff are with high degree of knowledge. Products are very good (german made) quality. I am very satisfied customer an will buy other products in near future.

Dubravko P. - User of the X9 since August 2020

The STIM-PRO X9 - muscle building through EMS

You do not suffer from pain? All the better! Nevertheless, our device can also be a useful companion in your everyday life. Because everyone knows it. The day is packed with work, household chores, but also other obligations. Unfortunately, this means that sport falls by the wayside. That's why we recommend our X9 as an everyday companion so that you can strengthen and build up your muscles. No matter whether it is the chest, thigh or biceps. Electrode attached, programme selected and you are ready to start training in everyday situations. For example, our 5x5 cm electrode is recommended. It is a real all-rounder and can be attached to almost any part of the body.

If you have the time to start a small workout in addition to your everyday tasks, we recommend these 4 exercises in combination with EMS to strengthen your body.

Excellent customer service so helpful and friendly thank you Daniel for all of you’re help and communication. Arrived really quickly and packed very well each item was individually wrapped. I tried the products they are really great. Overall fantastic company with fantastic service and products highly recommended!!

Steve - User of the X9 since July 2020


An all-rounder that will not let you down

As you can see, our STIM-PRO X9 is extremely versatile. Whether for effective pain treatment or for muscle build-up. Thanks to the many different programmes, all this is no problem for this little everyday companion. At home, while shopping, in nature or at work. This combination device can be used almost everywhere. 

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