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In the new axion magazine we regularly present exciting topics and practical recommendations on pain-relieving stimulation current therapy with TENS, effective muscle training with EMS, various electrodes and targeted pelvic floor training for problems with incontinence or after your pregnancy. In addition, we offer suggestions for a healthy lifestyle and reveal the best beauty and anti-aging tricks and delicious recipe suggestions for recipes for a healthy and balanced diet. We also look forward to high-quality guest contributions from leading scientists, doctors, physiotherapists, athletes and our valued customers on the topics of EMS and TENS. These articles will be marked accordingly. axion wishes you a pleasant reading.

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In our everyday lives we climb up and down stairs, run to the bus stop, bend down to tie our shoes, carry shopping bags, operate computers and smartphones and go to sports in our free time. But this is only possible if our joints do not hurt. As soon as we suffer from joint pain, our private and professional everyday life is severely restricted.
With a strong immune system, there is no need to fear the common cold viruses in autumn and winter. A vitamin-rich diet in particular plays a major role in strengthening the body's defences. Superfood - that sounds like very special and possibly exotic food that has to be prepared according to complicated recipes. Yet a diet that prepares our body well for the cold season is actually quite simple.

Thermotherapy - a natural healing method

A relaxing supply of heat or a refreshing cooling revitalises our body. Both cold application and heat treatment are part of thermotherapy. It uses temperature stimuli to promote the body's self-healing process. In this natural healing method, the causes of pain and symptoms are treated without medication or side effects.

STIM-PRO X9 - your everyday companion

Whether TENS or EMS, both are possible with our STIM-PRO X9. In any application you are not bound to time and place. Whether at work, while walking, cooking or ironing. Your personal, pain-relieving or muscle-building programme can be used anytime and anywhere.
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We all know it. You come home after work, want to cook something for yourself and your loved ones, it should be ironed and cleaned, sport often falls by the wayside. The motivation to go to the gym is then usually gone after a long day. But why not train with EMS, simply from home? You save time, can use it from anywhere and it is just as effective. Here are some exercises to keep your body fit.