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EMS - Your workout at home - 4 exercises for a well-trained body

We all know it. You come home after work, want to cook something for yourself and your loved ones, it should be ironed and cleaned, sport often falls by the wayside. The motivation to go to the gym is then usually gone after a long day. But why not train with EMS, simply from home? You save time, can use it from anywhere and it is just as effective. Here are some exercises to keep your body fit.

What is EMS Training?

The abbreviation EMS stands for electrical muscle stimulation or electromyostimulation. The electrical current pulses come from a special EMS device. Our STIM PRO X9 is ideal for this. The impulses, which are passed on to the skin via electrodes, alternately tense and relax the muscle to be trained, thus strengthening it in the long term and training the muscle build-up. During conventional strength exercises, currents from the brain reach the muscles via the nervous system. In EMS, these are sent from a device, i.e. by external influences, via the nerves to the muscles.

Important tip in advance: Always listen to your body! If the exercise is too hard or the impulses feel uncomfortable, turn down the intensity. You should adjust the intensity so that it feels comfortable. You may have to change the intensity during the EMS exercises. This is because the body gets used to the stimulation current. It no longer feels so intense. There is no very clear rule about how high you should turn it. Everyone feels the training differently. 

Five exercises with EMS, for a well-trained body


With squats, the thighs and bottom are the main areas of training. We recommend our 10x5 cm electrodes. Stick them on your thighs and/or bottom. In order to perform the exercise correctly, stand with your shoulders wide. The tips of your toes should point slightly outwards. Keep your arms away from your body all the time. Lower your bottom until it is at knee level. Tense the bottom and return to the starting position. This exercise should include twelve repetitions, three sets each.



With push-ups, the chest area is trained primarily. But the arms are also put under strain here. We recommend using our 5x5cm electrodes for this. For people who are not to tall, we recommend the 4x4cm electrodes. You stick these on the outer end of the chest and/or directly on the triceps. Go into the push-up position. It is important that your hands are under your shoulder and that your legs, bottom and back are in line. In this starting position the body is firmly tensed. Now you should sink forward in a controlled manner. To do this, bend your elbows. Almost at the bottom, the arms are pushed through again until you reach the starting position. This exercise should consist of twelve repetitions, three times each.



Forearm support

The forearm support or also called "Plank" is a great exercise to strengthen the whole body. From the lower back to the upper back, but also the trunk, arms and legs are trained. To specifically train the back, we recommend our 5x5cm electrodes for the upper, but also for the lower back. Alternatively, electrodes can be placed on the shoulder. During the exercise you have to place the elbows under the shoulder. The abdomen is tensed and now you have to lift the body off the floor. Again, it is very important that the legs, the bottom and the back are in line. The floor is only touched by the arms and toes. This position should be held for at least 30 seconds. This exercise is repeated three times. 

If this is too easy, the forearm support can be done with one leg. This is done by lifting one leg from the floor. The same can also be done with one arm. It is important to make sure that the hip remains stable.



The sit-ups, also called crunches, are used to train the abdominal muscles. This will definitely bring you a big step closer to the six-pack. Here too, we recommend the 5x5cm electrodes. These are placed on the abdominal muscles. For this exercise, lie with your back on the floor. The legs are placed at an angle and the arms are crossed in front of the body. Straighten up with the strength of your abdominal muscles so that your head and shoulders leave the mat. Make sure that your back remains on the mat during the entire exercise. The next step is to lower your head again without putting it down. This exercise should consist of twelve repetitions, three times each.


Regular training with EMS, for a fit body

You can do these EMS exercises as often as you do your regular training. Gradually increase the intensity to achieve further success. Nothing stands in the way of a well-trained body. And your free time will thank you for it. No trip to the overcrowded gym and with 20 to 30 minutes of training you will achieve success.

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