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All about TENS and EMS accessories

TENS accessories from axion for electrostimulation therapy

If you buy a high-quality replacement cable for TENS devices and EMS devices, you can dispense with the fact that the pulses are efficiently transmitted to the electrodes. With a length of approx. 120 cm, you can easily control electrodes and probes anywhere on the body without having to put the stimulation current device down.

Electrode contact spray

A must for every stimulation current application: Clean your skin before applying electrodes! With our practical contact spray for TENS electrodes sp;this is as uncomplicated as never before. Spray on, wipe off, stick on - ready!

  • Cleanses the skin of sweat and creams.
  • Prolongs the useful life of TENS electrodes.
  • Skin-friendly and formaldehyde-free.

High quality contact gel

For all types of probes, it is recommended to use a specially developed contact gel. It must meet several requirements:

  • It must be able to transmit the electrical impulses well.
  • It must not attack the skin or the materials of the probes.
  • It must be hygienic and facilitate the insertion of the probe.

If you buy your contact gel for TENS electrodes online from us here, you can be sure that these requirements are met. It is non-greasy and contains no formaldehyde.

Due to our short processing and delivery times, the accessories for TENS units are quickly with you.